‘The X Factor UK’ Ditches Last Year’s ‘Innovations’

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It’s not exactly a secret that The X Factor UK has been struggling in the ratings the last few years. Simon Cowell and the producers have been trying to stop this trend. That’s part of the reason that he changed the judges. But last season they added all kinds of twists to the lives…and the fans were none too pleased.

I think we all remember. A relatively simple game became as complicated as advanced calculus. But why? How was making the game incomprehensible and hard to follow going to help ratings. There was the ‘luxury prize’ thing and the contestants performed both Saturday and Sunday. There were eliminations both days. There was some other crap I don’t even remember. The reaction of the fans was pretty much unanimous: this sucks. This season they added the Golden X buzzer but that’s it. They’ve gone back to the format that people have been tuning into for years. The performers sing on Saturday and the Sunday the bottom three are up for elimination. The lowest contestant is axed and the next two lowest must sing off. Simple, right?

I don’t fault the show for trying something new. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s a good thing to shake things up sometimes. But, it didn’t work. However, I also have to give the show props for listening to the fan feedback. And we at Talent Recap, of course. We complained about the format changes all season last year. And, after all, it’s all about us.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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