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Will Matt Mauser Get the Historic Team Golden Buzzer on ‘America’s Got Talent’?

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In the promo for next week’s episode of America’s Got Talent, the judges do something they have never done before. Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, along with host Terry Crews all hit the Golden Buzzer at the same time. Whichever act receives this historic five-way Golden Buzzer has to be very special. All eyes are now on singer Matt Mauser as he was just announced as part of next week’s lineup.

Matt Mauser is the Frontrunner for the Team Golden Buzzer on ‘America’s Got Talent’

With 19 acts on the roster, it seems like it will be a jam-packed episode of America’s Got Talent next week. Expect at least a third of these acts to be featured for only a few seconds during a montage. Each judge and Crews have already given out their individual Golden Buzzers.

After looking at the lineup, Matt’s name definitely sticks out among the rest. Matt lost his wife Christina in the helicopter crash that killed NBA star Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and six others. Matt’s life was completely flipped upside down after the 2020 tragedy that left him a widower with three young children at home.

The Frank Sinatra tribute singer has been picking up the pieces of his life. He wants to show his children that even through the grief, they have to continue on and push themselves to do anything they put their minds to. When Matt is sharing his story with the America’s Got Talent judges, they are humbled and very touched that he decided to try out for the show. His kids attended the audition with him and the family shares a group hug up on stage.

After creating The Christina Mauser Foundation to support female athletes, Matt is an inspiration to everyone out there that has gone through a traumatic loss in their lives. It would make total sense if the judges did give the team Golden Buzzer to Matt. He is definitely deserving and a favorite amongst fans on his Instagram who continuously ask when his audition will air.

Could the Judges Take a Different Approach?

There’s always a chance that the judges could decide to give this Golden Buzzer to someone else. We were easily fooled when Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker were announced as additions to the show. They turned out to be there just for a prank and not actually to audition. This team Golden Buzzer seems pretty serious though, with Cowell reiterating in the trailer that it has never been done on the show before.

Another standout performer on the list is Victory Brinker. Victory is a 9-year-old opera singer who can perform in seven languages. She previously appeared on Little Big Shots and has performed all over the U.S. One thing Matt obviously has over Victory is experience. But, the fact that Victory is so young could make the judges all the more impressed with her audition. Could her performance be Golden Buzzer worthy?

Another interesting act that we are waiting to see on America’s Got Talent is Chief. With only nine Instagram followers, we are very curious to know who the comedian behind the mask is. He could pull a Klek Entos and reveal himself to be a past contestant auditioning again. Or, he could bomb his performance and be featured in a compilation. It really is up in the air.

Based on the lineup for next week’s episode, who do you think is going to get the special five-way Golden Buzzer?

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