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Why Does the Factory Worker on ‘I Can See Your Voice’ Look So Familiar?


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The best part about I Can See Your Voice is the fact that they bring normal people to the stage for the fun guessing game. This show is the ultimate game that proves that no matter someone’s occupation, they could be musically inclined. In this week’s episode, fans were quick to point out one familiar face on the stage.

In the latest episode, the contestant and detectives guessed who the good singers were out of a Blackjack Dealer, Factory Worker, Runway Model, Dog Walker, Makeup Artist, and Hollywood Starlet. The number of good singers vary per week of the competition, but many think the series gave away a giant clue this week.

Fans were quick to notice that the episode’s Factory Worker looks pretty familiar. He appears to be, in fact, Ulysses from season seven of America’s Got Talent. The fact that fans have heard is voice in the past made it pretty difficult to watch as the panelists expected he was one of the contestants who could not sing.

Factory Worker Competed on America’s Got Talent‘s Seventh Season

Ulysses Long was 49 years old at the time of his 2012 America’s Got Talent audition. He took to the stage singing popular TV theme songs including “The Love Boat,” “Green Acres,” and “The Addams Family.” AGT judge Howard Stern hit the red buzzer on this singer after hearing “The Love Boat,” but Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne gave him a “yes.”

Ulysses returned for both the Vegas Round and Quarterfinals. In the Quarterfinals he played the piano and sang “Bandstand Boogie,” but each judge hit their red buzzer. From there, he was eliminated from the competition.

Since America’s Got Talent this singer has kept busy performing locally. He is currently active on his public figure Facebook page. Within the page he shares upcoming concert dates and videos of him singing. His most recent cover video was published in April 2021.

I Can See Your Voice is typically very good at concealing the identities of their secret singers, but not this one. I think it’s safe to say that longtime fans of AGT already knew that Factory Worker was a good singer going into the episode.

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