Why Did ‘The Four’s Meghan Trainor Choose The Worst Wedding Date?

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This past Saturday The Four judge Meghan Trainor married Spy Kids’ star Daryl Sabara this weekend. The two have been dating for four years, (ha, The Four). We’re really happy for the two…but she really picked a bad day to get married. 

Meghan looked incredible, as you might expect, in a Berta dress, Badgely Mishka shoes, and Norman Silverman jewels. Meghan said “I told [stylist Hayley Atkin,] ‘Hey, I want sparkly and I want it to show my curves”. She met Daryl back in 2014 when they were introduced by their mutual friend Chloe Grace Moretz. It’s pretty much a fairytale come true. Meghan said,

“It’s the beginning of an awesome, whole new life. I got way more than I ever wished for.”

Marriage is tough and a celebrity marriage in the spotlight is even harder. We wish these plucky kids the best of luck. But Meghan made a terrible error when it came to the date of the wedding last Saturday the 22nd. You see, it was her 25h birthday as well as being three days before Christmas.

Why is this a mistake? Think about it. She can’t help that her birthday is so close to Christmas. So, already she has two gift-giving occasions really close together. However, she can help the fact that her wedding anniversary is also in that same week. I realize that they are all very, very rich and that it wouldn’t be a problem for them to buy several presents. I’m just saying that getting presents is awesome and I would want to experience getting gifts at different times of the year. It gives you something to look forward to. Although, again, I guess if you are a multi-millionaire every day is a gift-giving holiday. Why not make more of an occasion for it, you know? At any rate, congrats Meghan!


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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