Who’s Performing On ‘AGT: Champions’ Week 4?

Pablo Urdiales Antelo
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AGT: Champions is all we can think about right now and can barely wait for tomorrow night. Here’s a full list of all the acts performing on the next episode of ‘The Champions’. Which act are you most excited to see return to the Got Talent stage?

‘AGT: Champions’ Line-up

Brian King Joseph

Brian King Joseph first hit the AGT stage with his electric violin on Season 13 and now he’s back. He finished in the top 3 so it’s not surprising he’s back. Tune those strings, Brian, because The Champions is a whole new ball game!

The Silhouettes

Talk about beautiful, The Silhouettes never fail to impress with their stunning artistry. Keep the tissues close because we are definite The Silhouettes have a groundbreaking story lined up told through nothing but light.

Voices of Service

Voices of Service are true patriots, to both our country and our hearts. The singing group, all veterans, is one of the best choir groups AGT has ever seen. Their powerful renditions will have you watching in true admiration. We salute you Voices of Service and can’t wait to see you back in action.

Christian and Percy

Combine dogs with acrobatics and you have Christian and Percy! Christian is no stranger to the show and has auditioned with and without Percy many times. It’s no surprise they are back once again & after all, we couldn’t miss out on seeing that adorable dog in action, one last time.

Bars and Melody

These two went viral when they were just kids and now they sell out arenas across the world in minutes. They’ve already featured on BGT: Champions but there’s no harm in trying your luck for that winner’s trophy once more is there?!

Strauss Serpent

Strauss Serpent knows what winning feels like. After winning Africa’s Got Talent in 2018, he’s back to amaze us all with his flexibility. If you are squeamish, look away because an act doesn’t any more unusual than this!


Sandou Trio Russian Bar

The Sandou Trio Russian Bar returning to AGT quite literally, give us the same excitement when the circus comes to town. This incredibly thrilling act is enough to have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. It’s all about balance!

Emil Rengle

Talk about crazy! This dancing icon represents the unexpected. If there’s anything we’ve learned about Emil, it’s that you should NEVER dance in high heels, unless you are Rengle.

JJ Pantano

Comedians aren’t Simon’s thing. We all know that. But maybe, just maybe Simon will relate to this one a little more. Pantano is only young but knows how to work a crowd. In his hilariously funny comedy performances, he lets the judges know who’s boss. We’ll let Monday night’s performance do the talking! HERE is a teaser video of JJ in action!

America’s Got Talent continues Monday 8/7c on NBC.

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