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Who Is The Sausage On ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Clues Decoded + The Mask Revealed

Sausage on 'The Masked Singer' UKITV/The Masked Singer UK

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The charades of masquerades have come to a close on The Masked Singer UK second season. It feels like we’ve been on a wild goose chase figuring out the 11 mysterious identities. Outlasting them all to be crowned the new TMS champ was Sausage. Read below to see how we interpreted the clues and see if we guessed right?

Sausage sings “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston before winning the title

Clues For Sausage On The Masked Singer UK Season 2

Week 1

Sausage’s clue package shows us the attractions of the seaside town of Blackpool. They start by sharing they’re “a combination of a little bit of everything.” A food truck menu reads “Billie’s Burger Bar” with the slogan, “making the best burgers because we want to.” Next to that, a separate fish & chips menu displays several options of fish. Options like “Dover sole,” “red herring,” and “all about that plaice” catch our attention. Sausage admits they may “look a bit of a tomboy” but really are “a girly girl.” While they “love a bit of glam,” they describe themselves as “a bit of a silly sausage.” Before heading backstage Sausage shared their “performances are something of a balancing act.”

Week 2

Entering their second week, Sausage recognized the judges’ efforts in trying really hard “to get the scoop” on their identity. The masked celeb explains sausages “can be gourmet or they can be no-nonsense” and they consider themselves the latter. Strolling down the boardwalk with a glittery-pink toolbox, they arrive at a picnic table. A small sign atop the table reads “Pub quiz! This Thursday 7:43pm.” Also seen are two empty pint glasses and a bag of chips. Drawing a hammer from their toolbox, Sausage reveals they “do love a bit of DIY.” 

Their two lies and one truth are

  • “My hair color is officially certified by law”
  • “Someone once said I look like a pop star, I sound like a pop star and I am a pop star”
  • “I owe my career to a horse”

Week 3

Not too sure of the clues we saw in this package, but thankfully this week the song itself is a clue. The selected song for the Sausage was “All Around The World” by Lisa Stansfield. The package starts with a close-up on a headline written on Sausage’s wrap that read “Masked Singer back with a BANGER.” They continue and admit that someone once said they “look like a horse.” Being behind the mask of Sausage is not the first time the masked celeb “made sure you can’t see [their] face” in their work. Going into the third performance they added “the chips are down and I’m just hoping I can cut the mustard.” 

Week 4

The package starts with Sausage being drawn in on a Cinderella-esque carriage. They tell us “just like certain types of art, sausages are universal.” Noting also that every country has its own version. We find them next BBQ-ing in front of a camper van. The camper door displays a few international flags (US, Canada, Angola, Bolivia, and Mongolia to be exact) as we learn they’re well-traveled. Emphasizing the idea they don’t need glam, Sausage says “give me a camper van anytime, I’ll sleep anywhere.” All the traveling helps them “feel young at heart.” Surveillance footage gives us a look into their dressing room. Here we see some flowers and on their vanity, an incense, a crystal ball, and two masks. 

Week 5

The first thing Sausage tells us this week is that they have tales to tell. As they walk along the shores of Blackpool, they pass a small, red dragon plush. They briefly share some of the tales they have to tell. Tales like the “time I snagged myself a king” or when “I was once on the menu for a princess” are shared with us. There is also a reference to a time they “duked it out,” but clarifying that they are not a fighter. Last, we learn their favorite tale “was seeing some very important people get to say for better or wurst.”

Week 6

This week we find Sausage filming themself in a vlog-like fashion. They compare being in the finals to “the last stop on the tour.” We get a confession from them when they tell us “…I might be a sausage but I’m entirely plant-based.” Shocked by how mysterious they remained, they assure us they haven’t lied as we revisit scenes from other clue packages for missed clues. First, we visit the food truck where a table sign reads “meat-free zone.” Then going back to the RV BBQ scene, we spot packages of veggie sausages under the grill. Closing out the clue package, Sausage says “don’t think that I’m a villain. Although, I have been in the past.” For a final clue, they tell us “I’ve won an award that sounds like it’s hammy.”

Best Guesses For TMS UK‘s Sausage

With the clues we received, judges seemed pretty stumped. They guessed the likes of Stacey Solomon, Billie Piper, AJ Odudu, even Jennifer Hudson. The internet was buzzing with names like Jessie J, Natalie Casey, or Sheridan Smith. 

Our Prediction For TMS UK‘s Sausage

The clues can fit a few celebs but none of them seem dead ringers. From everything we’ve gathered, we are got all of our bets on Joss Stone. Below is our breakdown of the clue packages.

GettyImages Selin Alemdar / Contributor via Getty Images

Week 1 Explained

We’ll start by noting Joss Stone has performed in Blackpool possibly making that connection. The first thing we make sense of is “Billie’s Burger Bar” sign. Stone’s second single off her debut album The Soul Sessions, was a cover of Sugar Billy’s “Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin’ Me).” While Dover sole isn’t that strange on a menu of fish, Stone being a soul singer born in Dover is something to ponder. She is known for performing barefoot and has said it’s because she can fall over easily when she’s getting into the music. 

Week 2 Explained 

The reference to Two Pints and a Packet of Crisps may not be about starring in the show. Perhaps it recognizes Stone having two of her songs featured on the sitcom. The pub quiz sign with the 7:43 pm time listed, we think is speaking to having 7 albums and 43 singles to her name. No stranger to DIY, Stone did a Q & A on the subject in 2015, where she also mentioned owning a pink toolbox. She had a horse to thank for her pursuing a career in music. It was a land dispute leading to the sale of her horse Freddy, that motivated her to seek more financial independence. This made her wonder if her voice could earn her money.

Week 3 Explained

It was a tough week of connecting the dots but here’s what we sniffed out. The song performed is “All Around The World,” something Stone aims to travel on her Total World Tour. Not to mention her BRIT award for Best British Female was presented by Stansfield. Hearing our mystery meat was once said to “look like a horse” sent us for a loop. It wasn’t Stone herself that was described as horse-like but her character in The Tudors, Anne of Cleves has been. The chips were down for Stone when she participated in a celebrity poker tournament for Rolling Stone. 

Live map of the stops already made in Total World Tour

Week 4 Explained

Sausage and Stone have a shared love of RV living. The singer has been known to enjoy traveling in her ’66 VW camper, Janice. With the ambitious undertaking of her Total World Tour, Stone has been all over the globe. The list of countries doesn’t just include the flags shown but also those recognized by their versions of a sausage. Feeling “young at heart” could be a reference to Stone’s song of the same name. Not sure of everything in the dressing room but the crystal ball could be a hint at her role in Eragon as the psychic, Angela. The incense might be there because another name for them is “joss sticks.”

Week 5 Explained

Presenting us with the dragon plush could be another nod to Eragon. The stories they have, all fit Stone. She snagged a king in The Tudors as Anne of Cleves, married to King Henry VIII. In 2007 Stone was amongst those that performed at Concert For Diana, a benefit concert honoring the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Stone had a long legal battle with her former label, EMI Music, to end her contract early. It was a hard fight without a single punch. Seeing VIP’s say their vows happened twice for Stone, as she attended both Prince William’s and Harry’s weddings.

Week 6 Explained

We were excited to get these clues and we knew we had it right once we saw them. The clues pounded some points home starting with the statement that could allude to the Total World Tour. This week dropped a few clues about Sausage being vegan or vegetarian. Being a “plant-based” sausage and the revisited clues couldn’t be any more clear. Stone was a villain when she portrayed Nicole Hunter, the double agent Bond girl in the ’10 video game James Bond 007: Bloodstone. The last clue was so obvious it’s hard to say it helped, but Stone is a Grammy-winning artist

Did We Decode The Clues For Sausage On Masked Singer UK?

One of the harder ones to make sense of without a doubt. We asked more questions than had answers, but the connections we made felt pretty good. It was a relief to discover we were on point to close the season on a streak. Follow us for the next batch of clues on next season’s The Masked Singer UK.

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