What to Know About ‘The Four: Battle to Stardom’ Standout, Leah Jenea

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Leah Jenea took on The Four: Battle For Stardom stage with loads of confidence. The singer presented her unique tone and style to the judges and managed to get a spot in the four of the night. Leah Jenea ended her time on the show as a finalist, let’s dive into where she is in 2022.

Leah Jenea is one of the names people remember from the second season of The Four. She came into the competition singing a beautiful cover of “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar and went on to impress multiple other times before being defeated by James Graham. Even though she didn’t win the series, she still went on to lead a successful career in the music industry.

1. She Was on The Four at 17 Years Old

Leah Jenea took to The Four stage at only 17 years old. She presented herself as a singer and songwriter from Newark, New Jersey. It was obvious that she had been singing for a long time before the show. In the biography before her first audition, Leah Jenea explained that her moms a singer and her dad is the hip-hop hood star Larry “Left Gunnz” Gainz.

2. Musical Talent Runs in Her Family

When Leah Janea was only nine years old, she blew away a packed crowd at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. At the time of the performance she sang Whitney Houstons “I will Always Love You” as apart of the Newark Symphony Hall’s summer camp. This was truly the launch of her career, after that the Newark Symphony Hall invited her to join an elite group of vocalists called the Special Ensemble. The group won a gold medal at the McDonald’s Gospel Fest during that time.

It’s no secret that musical talent runs in this singer’s family. On top of both of her parents success in music, her brother, Troi Gaines is a performer too. He landed a role in a national tour of the musical “Kinky Boots” in 2014.

3. She’s Not Just a Singer

Although Leah Jenea rose the fame as a singer, she does way more than that. When she was younger, she spent some time modeling and acting. She appeared on an episode of Law and Order and in the 2014 remake of the classic movie, Annie. In 2022, her social media is filled with videos of her dancing on top of videos related to her music.

4. She Didn’t Turn a Chair during her The Voice Blind Audition

Before The Four, Leah Jenea auditioned for The Voice at the age of 15 in season 10. The coaches didn’t turn their chairs for her, instead they encouraged her to come back once she gained control of her unique tone and style. Even though The Voice wasn’t right for her, she used her show experience to audition for Amateur Night at The Apollo. Amateur Night is an old fashioned on stage talent show, the winner of the night receives a 20,000 dollar grand prize. Leah Jenea won first place in this event three times in a row!

5. She Already Released Music Ahead of The Four

Even though her music from The Four are still some of her most popular songs, she has a lot of songs on her discography. Leah Jenea had already released a full album called “Life W.T.R.”, as well as a handful of other original singles before her time on The Four. Her latest release, “Anything” dropped in 2021.

6. She Releases Music Through Her Own Company

Leah is not an independent artist in 2022. Instead, she releases her music under her father’s label, Kapital Gainz and her own Osoflii Entertainment. The Facebook page for Kapital Gainz calls it a family hustle based in Newark, New Jersey. It was started in 2001 by the rap group “Kapital Gazinz” featuring Steve Stone and Left Gunnz. Since then, Left Gunnz and his wife Janine Gaines went on to adopt the name into the title of their business. This business directly helps their children, singer/songwriter Leah Jenea and actor Troi.

It seems like Leah Jenea began the process of creating her own label in 2018. Outside of her official Instagram, she has another @osofliient_official, within the account’s bio it says that this singer is the CEO. All of the singers music since 2019 has been released under the label Kapital Gainz/Osoflii Entertainment since 2019.

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