What to Expect During the ‘AGT: Extreme’ Finale: Our Winner Predictions

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The finale of AGT: Extreme is right around the corner. After seeing several great acts on the series first season, it’s all coming to a close on Monday, March 14. Who will win the series? Here’s our predictions and what to expect for the finale:

This series saw so many great acts, but there really were two that have stood out so far, Alfredo Silva‘s cage riders and Cyndel Flores‘ breakaway sway pole. Both acts earned a Golden Buzzer from their precision and dedication to the act. They’re performers who have performing in their bloodline so I think it’ll come down to them as the top two.

Both acts have previously competed on America’s Got Talent, but Alfredo definitely had a more memorable act. I wouldn’t be surprised if the superfans vote for him purely based off of that. Even though Cyndel’s act was amazing, the show didn’t emphasize that she’s spent her entire life as a daredevil. I think that fact alone differentiates between the two. While I hope to see Cyndel succeed, I wouldn’t be mad about Alfredo finally taking home the grand prize.

More Acts Audition for AGT: Extreme

Four more acts are set to take to the stage for the first time in the upcoming final episode. It feels wrong to have first auditions on the night of the finale, but it’s not surprising since this series has kept us on our toes for the past four weeks. Nerveless Nocks, Dancing Diggers, William Brandon, and Erika Lemay will audition in the final episode.

Nerveless Nocks is a group of daredevils dating all the way back to 1840. The Nerveless Nocks is a daredevil circus family, but it seems like only Angelina and her father Michelangelo Nock will be performing. This team specializes in everything danger, including globe of death, sway poles, waterskiing, and more. The father daughter duo will be performing on sway poles, similar to Cyndel’s Golden Buzzer act. It seems like this group’s setup differs from Cyndel’s so I’m interested to see how the acts are different.

JCB Dancing Diggers will also be performing on the episode. This group is a made up of multiple JCB machines. The people inside of the machines move them in a choreographed fashion so it looks like they’re dancing. JCB Dancing Diggers won’t be the only choreographed performer in the AGT: Extreme finale. Fire Spinner William Brandon is taking to the stage with the skill of dancing with fire. His act brings the beauty of dance into the category of danger acts.

Last but not least, the world renowned acrobat performer, Erika Lemay, is set to perform on the stage. She’s known for her art-like aerial work and has been previously nominated as Vanity Fair’s New Queen of Circus. She considers her act to be physical poetry. This aerial audition will also have dance aspects.

Should We Expect to See Each Act Perform Again?

A lot of things are set to happen in this finale, so we’re not even sure if fans will see the acts perform again or not. It kind of feels like the show is going to implement a Judge Cut format similar to AGT‘s last season. Instead of having the acts return to the stage, the judges met privately in Simon Cowell’s home and decided who they wanted to see in the finale. Golden buzzer acts were completely saved, but everyone else was up for elimination.

Fans hated this format, so I’m not sure why the show would want to do something like this again. While we’re on the topic of fans, who are the superfans and how are they supposed to determine a winner from 15 plus people? Throughout the season of AGT: Extreme, the judges have never elaborated on who the superfans are. In AGT: The Champions it was noted that the superfan group that represented all 50 states in the United States, but we don’t even get that. I think regardless of the format, something feels unfair about this last episode.

Finale Special Guests

On top of superfan votes, auditions, there’s more. The AGT: Extreme finale is following suit to the original series in having guest performers. I’m not sure how they’ll be implemented into the show but Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker are set to perform. Travis Pastrana will also show off his BMX talent on the last episode of the series.

While I’m excited to see the performers, I genuinely think that they’ll take time away from the contestants. I could only see this working (given the time restraints) if the guest performers took to the stage with acts. AGT: Extreme is set to air in it’s normal 8 to 10 p.m. ET slot on NBC this monday. Without an extended time slot it seems like this series finale will be extremely rushed.

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