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What Are The Odds Your ‘AGT All-Stars’ Fav Wins The Competition?

Dustin's Dojo on 'AGT All-Stars'Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

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With a new series like AGT All-Stars on the rise, fans have already begun creating their predictions. With so many notable Got Talent alum taking the stage, it’s hard to remain calm about fan favorite contestants. Here are the odds of your favorite alum winning the new competition.

Before beginning, I want to clarify that this is not a prediction article. Instead, this is an article specifying what I think it takes to win the title in the new series. Since anything is possible with this new series, my thoughts on what makes up the future winner may not be true in the long run.

What Are the Odds Of Your Favorite AGT All-Star Contestant Winning?

It’s no secret that there are a ton of Got Talent winners appearing on this season. Although I don’t think winning a show automatically brings you to the top, it’s best to begin here.

The first season of this spin off features America’s Got Talent winners Brandon Leake, Dustin Tavella, Kodi Lee and Terry Fator; Asia’s Got Talent winners Eric Chien and Sacred Riana; Romania’s Got Talent winners Ana Maria Mărgean and Darius Mabda. Other winners include Axel Blake from Britain’s Got Talent, Jeanick Fournier from Canada’s Got Talent, Keren Montero from Dominica’s Got Talent, Lukas & Falco from Das Supertalent (Germany), Divyansh & Manuraj from India’s Got Talent, Mini Droids from Belgium’s Got Talent, and Power Duo from Philippine’s Got Talent.

Each of these contestants have proven themselves as the best of the best in their season, but how will they pair next to a bunch of other handpicked, talent people? Only time will tell.

What Makes a Strong Competitor in AGT All-Stars?

Aside from the typical things that make a strong competitor, practice and on-stage experience, I think that the soon-to-be winner will be a clear class act on stage. I imagine that the soon-to-be All-Star will have experience from various other Got Talent shows, or talent shows in general.

Since AGT has broadened their horizons by letting fan favorite contestants appear, we’re going to see a ton of acts that may not have made it to the top, like Dustin’s Dojo, or Yumbo Dump. Although both groups are extremely entertaining (Dustin’s Dojo being one of my favorites) I don’t think they’ll make it into the finale. Even though everyone has a chance, casting directors know what people want to see, nostalgia. They’re going to give ultimate AGT fans that slice of nostalgia they need, but the odds are pretty low.

In addition, I think the winning act will have gotten to the finale in at least one of the shows they’ve been on. In a series filled with various winners and clear fan favorites, you can’t make it to the top without knowing what it’s like to be on the top.

There’s so many exciting things on the horizon for this brand new show. We cannot wait to see the show’s premiere on January 2, 2023. Stay tuned to learn more about your favorite contestants on this season of AGT All-Stars.

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