Vocal Coaches React to Angelina Jordan’s Performance on ‘AGT: Champions’ [VIDEO]

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13-year-old America’s Got Talent: Champions contestant, Angelina Jordan, has gone from a standout star of Norway’s Got Talent (winning the competition at the tender age of 7) to AGT sweetheart. Her most recent performance, a cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” even earned her the Golden Buzzer. 

And while impressing America’s Got Talent judges can be tough, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum are easy to impress, compared to some of Youtube’s biggest vocal coaches.

The young singer was able to amaze the AGT judges in January, but did she earn the stamp of approval from the internet’s vocal coaches? Read on to learn more!

Beth Roars is amazed by Angelina Jordan’s incredible progress

Beth Roars is a popular vocal coach with 317,000 Youtube subscribers and a whole lot to say about vocal performance. This singer, Youtuber, podcaster, and teacher fills her channel with her professional reactions to vocal performances. And since she’s such an expert in all things voice, there’s no hiding vocal flaws from her.

But when she watches Jordan’s AGT: Champions performance, she has nothing but good things to say. She compares the 13-year-old to Billie Holiday and Nora Jones, complimenting her technical progress from her performances on Norway’s Got Talent to this Queen cover.

The best part is watching Beth’s face when Jordan riffs over the lyric “mama.” Clearly, she’s impressed.

Justin Burke can’t contain his amazement for Angelina

There is nothing but awe coming from vocal coach Justin Burke. He’s impressed from the very beginning, saying, “Wow,” and complimenting her bravery for starting the song a cappella. “That’s so difficult, she started it a cappella,” he says before going on to explain, “You know those nerves, like the nerves, are probably insane.”

At one point, it looks like he almost can’t believe the performance, saying, “She’s just killin’ it.”

In the end, he says, “Wow, that was an absolutely gorgeous performance, so unique, so much soul.”

Sam Scott-Thorne is beyond shocked by Angelina Jordan’s voice

Sam Scott-Thorne is a vocal coach based in Glasgow, Scotland, and apparently, he’s a big fan of Jordan. Or at least he is after seeing this video. He says the Norwegian stinger just popped onto his radar, but after seeing her “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover, it’s clear that he’ll probably follow Jordan’s career from now on.

He’s so shocked by Jordan’s voice that at one point he stops the video to say, “I just need a little second to adjust here. I wasn’t expecting her to sing like that. Wow.”

He compliments her “very gentle rasp” and her expert control over her riffs and runs.

You know he’s impressed when, after a beautiful riff, Scott-Thorne simply says “that was complicated.”

Tania Levy is so proud of how far Angelina Jordan has come

Tania Levy has tons of follows on her Youtube channel, about 309,000 to be exact. Her fans love watching this German-born vocal coach, and former recording artist, react to singers and give her opinion on their performance.

And fans shouldn’t miss Levy’s sweet reactions to Jordan’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover. She starts by saying the young singer “has grown up so beautifully.”


Levy gushes about the 13-year-old’s incredible progress since her time on Norway’s Got Talent, complementing her use of vocal runs. “Not everyone can do those fast movements, those runs, that she is doing right now,” Levy says.

She also comments on Jordan’s understated approach, saying the AGT star was right to perform the song her own, original, way. “You don’t have to execute high notes to capture people,” she says.

American singer and voice teacher, Andy Davis, can’t believe his eyes

Andy Davis is a voice teacher who fills his Youtube channel, “Master of Voice,” with videos of his reactions to incredible vocal performances. He reacts to all kinds of music, from established artists like Gloria Estefan to younger voices like Hua Chenyu. But he’s stunned when he sees Jordan’s cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.


From the very beginning of Jordan’s AGT video, Davis is taken. “Oh my goodness you guys,” he says, “just these few notes in and I am mesmerized by this performance.”

During one high point in the performance, Davis stops the video and explains that he loves how she brought such power to that section without overdoing it. He says that other singers might have tried too hard with those notes, but Jordan knows better. “She is displaying such star quality for these judges and this audience right now,” Davis says.

When Davis finishes the video, he simply says, “Wow, she just knocked that out of the park.”

Are you excited for America’s Got Talent: Champions results on Monday? Let us know who you think will win in the comments down below!

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