WATCH Incredible Sister Singing Duo Stun The Judges On ‘Israel’s Got Talent’

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Tali and Emily Kuper showed that their sisterly bond is strong enough to make all of the Israel’s Got Talent judges completely shook. The singing duo performed Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” with their own twist. Check out their 2018 audition below to hear their perfect harmonies.

Sisters Tali And Emily Kuper Slayed Their ‘Israel’s Got Talent’ Audition

Once Tali and Emily began singing, it was clear that the pair were meant to be in the spotlight. They had perfect vocal synchronization to the point that the judges were mesmerized by their performance. They wore matching pink and yellow outfits and blew everyone away when they hit some major high notes. We have never heard this song done in such a slowed-down way like this but the entire performance was completely flawless.

Their audition has almost 6.5 million views on YouTube with everyone complimenting their vocals down in the comments section. “Just about the cutest duet by two sisters I’ve ever seen. They were amazing” one comment said. “I have watched this like 20 times these girls are amazing!!!!!!” said another.


The Israel’s Got Talent judges were stunned and there was no hesitation about sending Tali and Emily into the next round of the competition. They put on another stunning performance in the live shows and once again wore adorable matching outfits. After they were eliminated from the competition, they posted on Instagram to thank all of their loyal fans.

“It is definitely a crazy and amazing experience, we had the most fun in the world going through it together and participating in the program as a pair of sisters,” Emily wrote. “We met a lot of insanely new and talented people in the program!! We wanted to say a big thank you to the judges for the good reviews and responses, to the amazing production and to the network.”

Where Are They Now?

Israel’s Got Talent is not the only show that the sisters have competed on. Tali also went on to become a finalist on The Voice Kids Russia as well as appearing on The Voice Kids Ukraine. She has become one of the most well-known kid singers in Europe given her appearances on competition shows.

Emily appeared on season eight of The Voice Russia. She made it all the way to The Final on Team Valery Meladze before she was eliminated from the competition.

Tali and Emily are just two of the incredible girl singers we have seen on talent competition shows in the past. Check out the compilation below featuring some pint-sized talents that blew everyone away during their auditions.


Both Tali and Emily have done some modeling and post a duet or a photo together from time to time on social media. Emily released her own original music on her Youtube channel in 2019.


Samantha Agate
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