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‘The X Factor UK’ Hopefuls Perform At Wembley Stadium

Jack Tomas

Jack Tomas


In a new twist during boot camp, some of the singers were made to perform in front of the judges AND a huge crowd at Wembley Stadium. Not some tiny club…Wembley Stadium, for goodness sake. Can these singers fill up a whole arena with their voices?

Matt Linnen

His sexy baritone charmed all the ladies in the crowd. And some of the dudes. I know I was moved. He made it through to the six chair challenge easily.

Shanaya Atkinson-Jones

What. A. Phenomenal. Voice. Was there any doubt that she’d go through? Nope.

Alisah Bonaobra

Powerful. In spite of her mediocre performance in the previous round, she killed it this time. She did a very theatrical performance, like theatrical theatrical. She could definitely do Broadway or West End shows. She totally made it through.

Sean and Conor Price

The brother duo did a good job. Not a great job, but good. They are super young. They moved on to the six chair challenge.

Jack Mason

Nicole loved his cheeks. The audience and the judges loved his singing. He made it through and well deserved.

Sam Black

He got a no. His auditions weren’t super strong. But he used the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend Emma on national TV, so he’s got that going for him.

Holly Tandy

Youngin’ Holly Tandy did a great job though she is still trying to find herself. She made it through and it’s her birthday so the audience sang Happy Birthday to her. Aw.

Berget Lewis

Dutch singer Berget brought it. Her’s is one of the most powerful voices. She was chosen to go to the six chair challenge, of course.

Benji Matthews

Little Benji sang an original song, a bold move indeed. But he totally crushed it. He moved on easily.

Georgina Panton

She’s like an exposed nerve of raw emotion. She moved on and it was an easy decision.

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