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‘The X Factor UK’ Heads Into The Live Shows With Spectacular Performances

Jack Tomas

Jack Tomas


The preliminary rounds are over and now it’s time to get down to serious business on The X Factor UK. The live shows began, (minus Simon), this week and we have the remaining contestants trying their hardest to get a slot in the next round. Who will make it and who will crash and burn?

Rai-Elle Williams

Rai-Elle sang the Lauren Hill classic Doo Wop (That Thing). And by sung I mean annihilated it. The judges went ape, which was the only sensible reaction. She may go all the way.

Spencer Sutherland

He sang a Jessie J song and he did a really solid job. Sharon didn’t like how boy bandish he is. Which, honestly, I can’t argue with. Nicole saw a lot of growth. I don’t see him getting to the finals but he’s pretty darn good.

Holly Tandy

Young singer Holly Tandy belted out Popstar and it was quite the spectacle. The judges were astounded by how such a big voice can come from a 16 year old. Unbelievable.

Leon Mallett

Louis’ wildcard winner sang Stay and was hella boy band. Hella. Sharon thought the public voted for the right guy to come back. I don’t know if he’s going to go too too far but he’s fun to watch.

Alisah Bonaobra

Oh, Alisah. She’s had more lives on the show than a cat. She’s been down but not out. She did a great performance and I don’t see her going anytime soon.

Sam Black

I can’t help it, I like this guy. He’s adorable. He sang really well, again, a little boy band but, whatever. There’s a place for that as well.

Grace Davies

Grace has been the  favorite to win from the beginning. She sang an original song and killed it. She messed up at the judge’s house big time but still she came back strong. The judge’s really dug it.

Lloyd Macey

What an amazing voice this dude has. Golden and beautiful. He’s got the kind of voice that could give Josh Groban a run for his money.

The Results

So, who is moving on? From the girls it was Rai-Elle, Holly Tandy, Grace Davies, and Alisah. So, all of them. From the boys it was Sam Black, Lloyd, and Leon. Spencer is no longer in the competition.

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