‘The X Factor UK’ Delivers On ‘Guilty Pleasures’ Week



It’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ week on The X Factor UK and this is my favorite part of the show, the theme weeks. It’s when you really get to see what the artists can do. Singing different genres of songs takes them out of their comfort zones and tests how they handle the pressure. Let’s see how they did, shall we?

LMA Choir

I think these guys are great…but I still don’t believe that The X Factor is the right show for them. They would stand a better chance on BGT. Still, their rendition of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary was a lot of fun to watch.

Shan Ako

Shan had one of my favorite auditions and now she’s back to rip it with her rendition of Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. All of the judges stood for her and the audience went nuts. She’s definitely a contender.

Danny Tetley

Danny was sick and was put on vocal rest. He did a fine job, though not overly thrilling. But it was pleasant and Ayda really seemed to like it. He sang Crazy For You, which is indeed a guilty pleasure tune.

Brendan Murray

Poor Brendan. Last week Simon called him boring and he didn’t do much to disprove that. He sang Believe by Cher and played the guitar. That was a bad move, I think because Simon has mixed feelings about singers on guitars. He was good, but the judges want great.


I friggin’ love these guys and they are real crowd pleasers. They can both sing and dance really well, no easy feat. They sang Close To You, and without a doubt it was the most fun version of that song ever.

Molly Scott

Molly is a terrific singer, no doubt, but she’s only 16 years old. She really hasn’t had much life experience and you have to wonder if she “gets” what she’s singing. She sang Little Do You Know by Alex & Sierra and it was really great. Simon loved it.

Dalton Harris

Dalton has some guts. He sang Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing, which is hard for anyone much less a dude. But he crushed it. Sure, the song is overdone on all of these shows but this version felt fresh.

Scarlett Lee

There is doubt in my mind that Scarlett is one of the best singers on the show this season. She sings Always On My Mind, which I would argue isn’t a guilty pleasure. But that’s a fellow Texan standing up for Willie Nelson. At any rate she annihilated the song.

Acacia and Aaliyah

The two of them sing Close To Me and then switch to Shutdown. Louis thinks that they could break the glass ceiling on Grime music. I’m not even sure I understand what Grime music is. Perhaps it’s something we Americans aren’t supposed to understand. I did it enjoy it though.

Giovanni Spano

Giovanni made the bold move of singing Baby One More Time by Britney Spears. Now THAT is a guilty pleasure song. He did a great job and then kind of lost me when he began screaming at the end. It was weird but kind of fun.

Anthony Russell

The comeback kid returns with I Want to Know What Love Is. This is the PERFECT song for him and he crushes it like always. This guy has the combo of a great voice and a terrific and compelling story. Could he be our winner?

United Vibe

I don’t blame them for not having cohesion, after all they were just thrown together. But their version of Party in the USA was just plain not good.

Bella Penfold

The problem with doing a song that has a rap part in it is that it doesn’t really fit in with the whole X Factor vibe. Maybe if she was on The Four?

Janice Robinson

I really like Janice and I’ve been rooting for her all season. But her version of Show Me Love by Robin S kind of left me cold. The judges weren’t great about it.

The Results

Sunday we got the results and a performance from X Factor alumni Little Mix. It went how I figured it would. LMA Choir and Brendan Murray were in the bottom and LMA went home. Like I said there was no way a choir was going to win. Here’s who made it through:

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