The Worst of ‘The Voice’ Season 23 Battle Rounds

Corey Cesare
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Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, Chance The Rapper, and Blake Shelton on 'The Voice' season 23Trae Patton/NBC

Every season, The Voice fans see some fantastic Battle Round performances. But, not every performance is always the best, due to fatigue, song choice, etc. Here are a few Battle Round performances that weren’t our favorite.

Before beginning, I would like to clarify that these were some of my least favorite, this is purely an opinion based article. Let me know in the comments down below if you agree with my picks.

The Worst of The Voice Season 23 Battle Rounds

1. Neil Salsich

This was definitely the most unfortunate Battle Round of them all, since Team Blake member Neil Salsich had to perform alone. For those who don’t know, his original battle partner Alex Whalden, dropped out of the competition prior to the performance. Even though Neil killed this performance, it was sad to see him singing alone.

2. Jerome Godwin III vs. Talia Smith

Although this was a great song choice for both singers, Jerome soared in this song. He was able to really pave his way into the Knockout Rounds due to the separation. Talia wasn’t bad in this tune, but she tended to slur her words a bit.

3. Marcos Covos vs. Sheer Element

This was one of my least favorite battles for a few reasons. To begin, I feel like it’s incredibly unfair for any group, trio or duo, to go against a single performer. This puts way more pressure on the solo singers and the group tends to sing only backup, so you never truly know what they can do. Secondly, I wish we got to see more of this performance, it simply wasn’t long enough.

4. Kate Cosentino vs. Tiana Goss

Kate and Tina gave the best performance they could, with what felt like a lazy song choice. My issue with this battle was simply because Niall Horan‘s decision to pick this song felt lazy and a bit insincere. Nonetheless, these ladies killed what was given to them.

5. EJ Michels vs. Tasha Jessen

This battle also had a bit of a strange song choice in my opinion. I love “The Tracks of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, I grew up listening it. Simply put, this rendition wasn’t my cup of tea. EJ Michels and Tasha Jessen are beautiful soul singers, but I wanted to hear anything else.

6. Rachel Christine vs. JB Somers

Once again, Rachel Christine and JB Somers did the best they could, with the song they had. It seemed like they both were reaching to hit the notes correctly. Once again, this is a coach issue, not the fault of the singers. I felt bad for them since this was clearly out of their ranges.

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