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‘The Voice’ Recap: Kinsey Rose Makes History Kicking Off Battle Rounds

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The Voice Battle Rounds started off full of drama, steals, and saves this week. For the first time ever, one artist received four button pushes during this stage of the competition. Plus, we finally have an answer to what happened between Ariana Grande and Chavon Rodgers that led to a flurry of internet rumors.

Ariana Grande Breaks Down During First-Ever Battle Rounds on ‘The Voice’

Bella DeNapoli and Katie Rae went head to head during The Voice Battle Rounds. Grande chose for them to sing “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough).” This is a song Grande has sung with Barbara Streisand herself. Katie and Bella had some big shoes to fill. It was cool to see Grande step into the coaching role and suggest a few more rifts and backing vocals for the pair. It quickly became clear that Grande was going to have a tough decision to make after this battle.

Bella started off the song with a perfect Billie Eilish-style vocal run. Katie came in with power and was really projecting her voice. I thought Bella had the battle on lock right from the beginning. It was all just a question about whether or not Grande would save one of the artists. To my surprise, Katie working her lower register was a hit with the coaches. Grande started crying when faced with the difficult decision to choose the winner of the battle.

Grande said both singers were “consistently phenomenal” and “stunningly perfect.” She chose Katie as the winner of the battle. She immediately hit her save for Bella. Grande has a special connection with Bella, her “Italian sister.” Grande ran backstage while Bella was doing her interview to hug her. Bella is going to be a hit with viewers if she makes it to the live shows. Personality is everything on The Voice.

Kelly Clarkson Has a Soft Spot for Siblings Trio Girl Named Tom

Kelly Clarkson raved about Girl Named Tom all throughout the Blind Auditions, even promising not to add another trio on her team to keep the lane open for them. Clarkson is a big fan of the “family harmonies.” Kinsey Rose is a seasoned country singer and gave “Seven Bridges Road” her best shot during their battle.

The performance started off with all four of them harmonizing together. It honestly kind of fell apart in the middle. The harmonies were not enough to hold the performance together. Girl Named Tom was offkey on certain parts and definitely outshined Kinsey. It didn’t matter what Girl Named Tom did because Clarkson was going to choose them as the winner regardless. It’s starting to feel like she believes they are her ticket to winning the show this season.

Clarkson also knows that the key to America’s heart is to have an authentic country artist on her team. When Clarkson hit her save, Shelton and Legend hit their steals. Grande decided to hit her steal after everyone pleaded their cases. This marked the first time in The Voice history that someone received four button pushes in the battles. Despite Clarkson not initially choosing her as the winner of the battle, Kinsey chose to stay on Team Kelly. Now that Clarkson knows Kinsey is in high demand by the other coaches, she might steer her in a different direction and help her stand out in the Knockouts.

The complete opposite scenario happened in the battle between The Joy Reunion and Peedy Chavis. Shelton chose for them to sing “Joy to the World.” It’s a vintage throwback song that Peedy was destined to completely slay. The Joy Reunion was basically Peedy’s background singers during the performance while he danced around in retro bell-bottom pants. It’s so rare for a solo singer to outshine the trio and it makes sense why Blake Shelton declared him the winner of the battle.

The Chavon Rogers Rumors Are Put to Rest During ‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds

Chavon Rogers and David Vogel are all about taking pop songs and putting their own spin on them. Grande chose for them to perform “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” David totally owned this performance. He enunciated the lyrics better and focused on breathing and timing. Chavon fell a bit flat compared to the rocker. Grande began tearing up again when faced with this decision.

It was not a surprise at all when David was chosen as the winner of the battle. Grande began crying as Chavon left the stage. She reached out her arms for a hug and Chavon walked right past her. Clarkson came over to give Grande a hug after Chavon left her hanging.

This interaction caused a slew of internet rumors that Chavon made Grande cry on The Voice set. It honestly just looked like Chavon didn’t realize Grande wanted to hug him. He was focused on heading to the exit. Chavon just posted an Instagram story to clear up what happened.

“I totally did not see Ariana getting up to hug me,” he wrote. “I had my eyes down and was headed offstage after I was able to thank her for everything! When I got backstage, a producer told me what happened and I was devastated.”

With all of the drama aside, the episode left off in a cliffhanger. Jershika Maple was about to make her choice for which team she wanted to be on. Grande and Legend hit their steals. Season 21 of The Voice is really trying to use these cliffhangers to boost up the ratings.

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