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‘The Voice’ or ‘The Gossip’? 5 of the Biggest Scandals in the Show’s History

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There’s something weird going on with The Voice. This show is typically filled with drama, but it’s been extra dramatic the past few years. Coaches are feuding, breaking rules, and even getting fired? The Voice, are you good? Here are five of the biggest scandals and feuds The Voice has ever seen.

1. Blake Shelton and Adam Levine Entertain with Ongoing Feud

It’s no secret that there are a lot of feuds that happen between the coaches on The Voice. You’re lying to yourself if you say you didn’t watch the show for Blake Shelton and Adam Levine’s budding bromance.

Apparently, these two feud on and off camera, so it wasn’t out of character for them to be bickering behind scenes too. It’s possible that after a while it became too much because Levine hinted at a bit of bad blood when he announced their departure. It’s possible the bad blood wasn’t necessarily directed toward Shelton, but at the show itself.

Levine’s last three singers all got voted out on the same night in his last season on the show, so I’d say that had more to do with his departure than anything. Regardless of what actually happened, It’s obvious that Shelton doesn’t see Levine as a good friend anymore since he didn’t even invite Levine to his wedding.


2. Guy Sebastian Caught Cheating on The Voice Australia

Guy Sebastian turned his chair last minute for Wolf Winters “Sound of Silence” performance. Kelly Rowland was quick to call him out for cheating since he turned his chair when his team was already full. The look on his face quickly gave away the fact that this had to be orchestrated. This man had the look on guilt on his face as soon as his chair turned around.

On 97.3 FM’s Robin, Terry & Bob in October of 2020 Sebastian admitted that this was all just a bad prank. On this radio station he told them that producers told him to do it, and it was staged so they could get more views during COVID-19.

This cheating scandal was so big that it sparked concern in the United States. John Legend was quick to clear up rumors. He said on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show that in The Voice U.S., the buzzer is deactivated once your team is full.


3. CeeLo Green Returns to The Voice Despite #MeToo Allegations

In 2018, this original The Voice coach returned to mentor Team Adam. This seemed like a great move for Levine to make since people loved CeeLo Green as one of the original coaches. But, unfortunately people we not happy to see him again. In 2012, the singer faced rape allegations after a 33 year old woman said she woke up naked in his bed, and accused him of putting drugs in her drink.

Since then, it was determined that Green had consensual sex with the woman he gave ecstasy to. Therefore he was not found guilty of rape. But, In 2013 he was charged with a felony drug charge because of the ecstasy that was exchanged. In 2014, his felony drug charge went to court where he entered a no-contest plea to the charge of furnishing ecstasy.

In the long run, he maintained innocence but the judge sentenced him to three years of probation. After everything that came out about this incident, fans did not want to see Green on The Voice ever again.

4. Ryan Gallagher’s Removal from The Voice

Ryan Gallagher was known for his outstanding rendition of “Prayer” by Celine Dion, but his reputation soon changed when he got kicked off of the show with no explanation. When he was absent on the show, Carson Daly announced that Ryan had to exit the competition.

Months later, it came out that The Voice did not want Ryan performing because he broke strict COVID-19 guidelines. They made it clear that Ryan would be putting others at risk if he did perform. Immediately after news broke Ryan’s manager denied the allegations entirely by stating:

“It was a scary time for Ryan and his family and he certainly would not knowingly put anyone at risk by not adhering to the show’s COVID-19 policy,” Catalano said. “As you can imagine there is more to the story here than the show has announced and at an appropriate time and place of our choosing Ryan and I will be able to share the balance of the details, as well as Ryan’s side of the story.”

A popular theory is that Ryan left the show because one of his family members was sick. But Ryan totally debunked that and said he would share the details, which he never actually did.


5. Adam Levine Throws His Team Member Under the Bus for Instant Save

Reagan Strange won the Instant save sing-off without actually singing in season 15. Even though Regan was out of the competition because she was sick, she was still seen wearing a full face of makeup on the sidelines during the episode. Seems pretty suspicious.

That night DeAndre Nico performed a beautiful rendition of “All of Me” by John Legend. But he ended up in a situation he never imagined. Levine claimed that he was advocating on behalf of Reagan because he has two little girls at home and couldn’t let her down like that. DeAndre’s trust was completely broken by his coach.

People are still pretty mad about this 2018 scandal. The general consensus is that Levine wouldn’t have fought like that for DeAndre if he had been sick. This scandal was seriously the biggest in The Voice history since DeAndre’s own coach got him voted off of the show.

A lot came about from this scandal but the best had to be John Legend’s introduction to the show. Fans of The Voice were so enraged that they were also endlessly tweeting about Levine’s mistake. Since DeAndre sang a song by Legend, many people tagged him in the tweets.

After the season 15 controversy, Adam Levine went on to coach one more season. But, we also saw the beginning of Team Legend, which many are diehard fans of today.

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