‘The Voice’ Fans are Dying to Know Which Team Legend Singer Wins This Knockout

Corey Cesare
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The Voice knockoutsTyler Golden/NBC

The Voice shared a preview video of an upcoming Team Legend knockout battle between Samara Brown and Shadale Johnson. Samara performs a jazz filled rendition of “(Simply) The Best” by Jimmy Barnes and Tina Turner, while Shadale performs an emotional rendition of “Impossible” by Shontelle.

It’s obvious that these singers are some of the strongest on Team Legend from this performance. Samara and Shadale were definitely neck and neck in this knockout. Since they both put on a flawless show, the cliffhanger ‘and the winner is…’ hit a bit harder than normal. The Voice fans are so eager to know who John Legend will announce as the winner!

By the end of both songs, the coaches were astonished by both singers. At the end of each performance there were coaches standing for the singers. Legend was seen standing for Samara as she finished her Tina Turner hit, while all four coaches were cheering for Shadale as she broke down in tears on stage.

The coaches noted that Samara’s performance was a perfect rendition of the upbeat Tina Turner tune. They noted her singing as extremely soulful and filled with jazz throughout the tune. On top of that, they noted that she has always been one of the strongest voices in the competition.

When giving her critique for Shadale, Kelly Clarkson said that it’s important for the singers to show what they’re feeling. Clarkson’s voice cracked and she wiped away her tears while expressing how hard it is to tap into your emotions and carry the song the way Shadale did. This coach was clearly moved by Shadale’s performance.

Each of the coaches felt just how much emotion was put into Shadale’s performance and it really showed in their comments. Blake Shelton said that this performance brought her a step up from great to exceptional.

Shadale Channeled Her Inner Mary J. Blige in This Performance

Legend called Samara incredible and said her performance flawless. He mentioned that in rehearsal he and Ed Sheeran’s only critique was that she struggled on the high note. On stage, she showed improvement and was able to hit the note flawlessly.

The coach then connected Shadale’s stage presence to Mary J. Blige’s concert performances. Shadale channeled her inner Blige by sharing her emotions and struggles throughout the song. At the end of this preview video, Legend said that this was Shadale’s strongest vocal performance.

“Vocally you gave your best performance that you’ve given and the thing that helped it break through was the emotion,” said Legend. “But, you’re being compared to Samara who I think is one of the best vocalists on the show.”

Fans in the comments were quick to share that they want Shadale to win this knockout. I agree, I think Shadale is a dark horse in the competition, but I don’t think she’ll win this battle. Legend’s notes were clear on saying that Shadale is up against one of the strongest vocalists on The Voice.

I think he sees Samara as a one way ticket to the finale and Shadale as a singer that gave a great performance this time. Legend knows that Samara is a singer that any coach would want so I seriously don’t think he’d put her up for elimination. Even though Shadale put on a tear-jerking performance I think Samara will be the winner of this knockout round.

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