‘The Voice’ Has Another Amazing Night Of Blind Auditions

Lauren Mnayarji | Talent Recap

It’s week two of The Voice Blind Auditions and tonight’s level of talent did not disappoint. Filled with four-chair turns, and a stand-off between Adam and Blake on which coach is “cuter” did not leave viewers with a dull moment. There may have even been a moment where the coaches predicted Season 16’s winner! So, who made a lasting impression? Read on to find out!

Jacob Maxwell (Team John)

Starting off the show with a performance to Delicate, Jacob did not disappoint. Both Kelly and John turned around almost at the same moment. Kelly told him that his performance was moving and that he had an effortless voice, but despite her high praises, he ultimately went with John as his pick. 

Karly Moreno (Team Adam)

Choosing the song Starving, Karly’s voice stood out in a unique way because of its softness. After nearly the entire song, Adam turns around and tells her that he needed her on his team and loved her Regina Spektor styled voice. He believes she is underestimated and can go far in the competition.

Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake)

It was a shock when Kelly and Blake turned around for this young country artist because they thought he’d be double or triple the age from his deep and mature voice. Kelly tells him that she loves his old school vibe and that they haven’t heard anything like him. However, Carter goes with the King of Country as his pick and joins Team Blake. 

Talon Cardon (Team John)

Performing to Say You Won’t Let Go, Talon made a lasting impression on the newest coach this season, John Legend at the very last moment. He was thrilled to be joining his team. 

Patrick McAloon (Team Adam)

When Patrick came to audition for The Voice, he wasn’t the only one in his family to do so. His daughter Ruby was also prepared to audition, but they announced they would not be doing it together. During his performance to Runaway Train, he caught the attention of Blake, Adam, and John. Ultimately he chooses Adam, however, his sixteen-year-old daughter didn’t receive a chair turn but was elated to be celebrating her dad’s success. 

Alena D’Amico (Team Kelly)

Coming from Detroit, Michigan is Alena performing to In My Blood. She gained the attention of both Blake and Kelly, however, her eyes were as Adam as she gave him a flirtatious “hello” when her performance was over. Blake was secretly jealous, but Alena let him know that her mom thought he was cute. When it came to her voice, Blake loved her passion and wanted her on his team, however, Alena went with Team KC. 

Dexter Roberts (Team Blake)

This country artist had a four-chair turn with his performance to Like a Cowboy. Adam tries to play reverse psychology by telling Dexter not to pick him because it would be too daring and they may go to far in the competition. While Blake plays his country cards and the rest of the coaches begin to corner him for it. Despite Kelly’s advise to not choose a team that is not filled with other country artists, Dexter decides to go with his gut and joins Team Blake. 

Jej Vinson (Team Kelly)

Last but certainly not least is artist Jej Vinson who immediately caught the hearts of all four coaches. Performing to the song Passionfruit, Jej wasn’t afraid to make it his own. It was so good that Kelly walked up to him afterwards to give him a hug and shake his hand. Meanwhile, Blake said that they may just be looking at the winner of this season. Kelly campaigned hard to get her first solo male artist on her team, and it did her well because Jej went with Team Kelly. 

So that’s it for night three’s blind auditions. Who was your favorite of the night? Did you pick out a possible winner for this season yet? Let us know in the comments below!


Lauren Mnayarji
Lauren Mnayarji

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