The Talent Recap Show: Does ‘American Idol’ Have A Definite Winner Already?

American Idol winnerJack Tomas | Talent Recap

In this week’s action-packed episode of The Talent Recap Show, Mel and I discuss who we think the clear front runner is this season on American Idol, the judges being really mean, and our top 3 favorite performances.

Alejandro Aranda has won over the hearts of the judges, (and America), since he first hit the stage. The judges famously said he gave the greatest audition of all time. Whether you agree with that or not, Alejandro is definitely unique. Plus, his guitar playing is next level. Last year at this time in the season we had no clue who was going to win…this year, it’s frankly Alejandro’s game to lose.

Mel and I also discuss this week on The Talent Recap Show BS thing the judges do with almost every contestant where they pretend like they are going to send them home and then they don’t. Please, Please, Please stop that. You aren’t building suspense Luke, Lionel, and Katy…you are just being annoying.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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