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Former ‘AGT’ Host Nick Cannon Gets Advice from Simon Cowell on Baby Mama Drama

Simon Cowell on the Nick Cannon ShowNick Cannon/YouTube

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It feels like it has been decades since we have seen Nick Cannon and his former America’s Got Talent co-star Simon Cowell on television together. The pair had a little reunion today on his daytime talk show, Nick Cannon. Simon actually had some sound advice when it comes to all of the drama that Cannon is going through in his personal life. He also gushed about his own son, Eric Cowell, and their new business venture.

Cowell appeared virtually on Nick Cannon. Cannon said that he actually reached out when Simon had his electric bike accident in August 2020. The Masked Singer host referred to Cowell as “Superman” for recovering from his injuries so quickly.

“Apart from the fact that I’ve got metal rods in my back and screws, I feel fine,” Cowell said. “Eric, my son, now refers to me as Iron Man so it’s all good.”

Cannon talked about meeting Eric on the America’s Got Talent set many times. Cannon served as the host of the show until he left in 2017 due to a fallout with NBC. Eric was younger then but now is basically Cowell’s “mini-me.” Cannon hilariously referred to Cowell and his son as “business partners.”

“My dream was always for him to take over the company but he’s a little bit young at the moment, 7,” Cowell joked. “But, we came up with an idea for a children’s book series called Wishfits which are about all of these animals you combine. So you can have half a dog and half a snail which is called a Snog.”

Cowell announced that he and Eric hope to eventually make Wishfits into a television series.


‘AGT’ Judge Simon Cowell Stops by Nick Cannon’s Talk Show to Dish Out Some Advice

Cannon shared that he has gone to Cowell for advice throughout the years. He admitted he has always “got some crazy drama” going on in his life. Most recently, the internet was full of memes and criticism towards him for welcoming four children in the span of a year. Cannon asked Cowell for life advice live on air.

“You are one of the nicest people in show business I’ve ever met because you are the same on camera as you are in person,” Cowell said. “I always say this about you, you’re a very very very nice person and you’re very smart. My best advice to you Nick is, as your friend, turn your phone off. I did it five years ago. I never go on social media. Never read the comments and you’re happy.”

Cowell is one of the busiest celebrities in the whole world. He has spoken out multiple times about having no regrets about his decision to ditch his cellphone. Cannon on the other hand cannot ditch his phone so easily.

“I can’t turn my phone off because I got a lot of baby mamas and they need me for diapers and formula but other than that, I’ll definitely stay off of social media,” he said. “Such great advice. I love you so much and I love all that you’ve done. I mean AGT, y’all taking it to the next level.”

Cannon is Planning to Send Simon the Ultimate Birthday Gift

In a fun segment, Cowell was asked to spill some tea to help some of the audience members win prizes. Cannon asked him which American Idol contestant he would never want to be stuck in an elevator with. Cowell confessed that it was William Hung and called him a “terrible singer.” He also shared the naughtiest thing he’s ever done in public. Simon put his hand over his face before saying “peeing at the side of the road.”

Cannon and Cowell are “Libra brothers” because Cowell’s birthday is actually one day before Cannon’s. Cannon warned Cowell that he is notoriously known for giving outrageous birthday gifts. He mentioned sending a llama to Kevin Hart’s house for his birthday this year.

“You know I give the best birthday gifts,” he said. “I go all out for my friends and families’ birthdays so you should be expecting something. I got your address. When I send you what I’m going to send you, I just want you to take a picture and send it back to me and the family here in Harlem.”

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