‘The Masked Dancer’ Group B Playoffs + Contestant Breaks Down In Tears During Reveal

Samantha Agate
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The Masked Dancer Group B Playoffs kicked off with some awesomely entertaining performances. Every single contestant is more than deserving of making it to the Super 6 but unfortunately one has to be eliminated. Keep reading to see all the highlights from the episode and to find out who was eliminated.

Who Is The Zebra?

Clues: The Zebra had several references in his clue package to owning a business. The word “dad” appeared on the computer screen while The Zebra sat at his desk. There was a UFO with “UFC” written on it. The Zebra was also pictured sprinkling cinnamon onto something. He said that he really wants to be a role model for others and held up a picture of two lions.

Performance: The Zebra danced to “All My Life” by K-Ci & JoJo. He took a different approach this week with a romantic lyrical partner dance. There was definitely a lot of turns and once in a while he would throw in a hip thrust. After the performance, his one-word clue was “champion.”

Judges Guesses: Paula Abdul guessed that it is Floyd Mayweather because he fought Canelo which translates to cinnamon in English. Ashley Tisdale guessed that it is Mario Lopez because of his past acting roles. Brian Austin Green thinks it’s Tito Ortiz because of his big neck. The judges also think it could be Tony Robbins.


Who Is The Cotton Candy

Clues: The Cotton Candy clue package was full of clues to her childhood. She made a lot of comments that pointed to her not really feeling like she fit in. There was what looked to be a scale to represent some kind of balance in her life. She leaned on a giant lipstick in the clue package as other girls wearing tutus were dancing all around her. There was a clue featuring a bald eagle with an American flag on it. The Cotton Candy threw up a peace sign at the end of the clue package.

Performance: She did some floor work in this high-energy pop number. The Cotton Candy danced to BLACKPINK & Lady Gaga’s fun power anthem “Sour Candy” which was a very appropriate song for her. She also did her infamous booty shake that the judges love so much during the performance.

Judges Guesses: Ashley really thinks this is Tara Lipinski and guest judges Cheryl Hines agreed because of the ice skating clues. Paula still thinks it could be Jenna Dewan. Brian also went the Olympic route and guessed Christi Yamaguchi.

Who Is The Moth?

Clues: The Moth’s clue package was done in a way that made it look like she was giving a presentation or a motivational speech. She said she was once a shy character. The word metamorphasis flashed across the screen and the letters “EAS” were highlighted in red. She showed us a headline from “Moth News” that said she is a “survivor.” A picture of a chef flashed on the screen and so did a picture of Queen Elizabeth.

Performance: The Moth danced to “Sway” by Michael Buble. She did a sexy partner dance that highlighted her super long legs and powerful movements. After the performance, The Moth’s one-word clue was “bestseller.”

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks it’s Karlie Kloss because of the White House connections. Cheryl said it could be Omarosa or Megyn Kelly. Brian thinks that it is Elizabeth Smart because he thinks the clues reference the show Dateline. Paula thinks it could be comedian Kathy Griffin.

Who Is The Sloth?

Clues: The Sloth joked that his routine last week was not hard for him because he is a star. His first clue was a soccer ball, baseball bat and a volleyball. He moved to a new place with a new language when he was younger. The next clue was a boombox. He said he “took a chance and jumped” which then led into a montage of him skydiving. The last clue was a greeting card that said “I Love You.”

Performance: The Sloth started out twirling a ribbon across the stage to Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes’s “Up Where We Belong.” He was joined by a partner who was also twirling a ribbon. He took two ribbons and started twirling them at the same time to the emotional song. At the end, one of the dancers held up a little sloth puppet. The judges said it was their favorite performance of the entire series. His one-word clue at the end of the performance was “leading man.”

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks it’s Jonathan Groff who has a ton of stage experience. Cheryl thinks it’s comedian Keegan-Michael Key. Ashley thinks it could be Will Ferrell who Paula actually choreographed before.

‘The Masked Dancer’ Eliminated Celebrity is…

The Moth was revealed to be the lowest vote-getter of the night. The judges got to ask a few more questions where The Moth admitted she has been on stage before in front of a lot of people. She also said she is taller than Ken. Brian kept his original guess of Elizabeth Smart. Ashley guessed that it is singer Jewel who has a best-seller. Cheryl felt very strongly that it is Megyn Kelly. Ken kept his original guess from earlier which was Karlie Kloss and Paula kept her guess as Kathy Griffin.


The Moth was unveiled to be…best-selling author Elizabeth Smart! Brian was right. She broke down in tears when talking about why she decided to do the competition. Her grandma passed away prior to the competition and she really wanted to honor her. Elizabeth made global headlines when she survived being kidnapped at 14 years old. Are you surprised by this big reveal?

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