‘The Four’s Evvie McKinney Tries Old Wives’ Tales to Predict Baby’s Sex

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Evvie McKinney, winner of the first season of The Four: Battle for Stardom, is currently pregnant. She’s expecting her first child with husband Everett Anderson.

In a new video on Evvie’s YouTube channel, she and Anderson try out some old wives’ tales to try and predict whether they’re having a baby girl or baby boy.

Evvie McKinney Predict’s Baby’s Sex

McKinney shared in the video that she’s 27 weeks pregnant, and she has no idea if she’s having a boy or a girl. Her husband predicted that they were having a boy, while McKinney thinks it will be a girl.

The first question the couple considered when trying to predict the baby’s sex is whether McKinney is craving sweet or salty foods. Anderson insisted that she’s been craving sweets, even showing some of the snacks they have in their kitchen. McKinney wasn’t so sure, but she still put a tally mark on girl.


McKinney’s lack of morning sickness and pregnancy glow added two more tally marks for a boy. Another question asked about the partner has gained weight, and Anderson admitted that he’s put on a few pounds giving another tally to girl.

McKinney also showed off her baby bump for a couple of questions. She shared that she’s been carrying low, which points to having a boy. The couple also tested the baby’s heart rate, which was higher than 140. That pointed to having a boy.


Is McKinney Having A Boy Or A Girl?

The last old wives’ tale the couple tested involved hanging a ring over McKinney’s belly and seeing which way it swung. McKinney sat on the table with her belly exposed. They tried two different rings, and it moved in a circle both times.

That added one more tally mark for a girl. When everything was added up, there were five marks for a girl, and six for a boy. The couple shared that they’re going to find out the sex next week, so we’ll have to stay tuned to know if the old wives’ tales were right.


McKinney and Anderson got married last year. Anderson is an actor, photographer, and filmmaker. He has a daughter named Winter from a previous relationship.

McKinney won The Four in the first season, which aired in 2018. The 23-year-old has released several singles since then, as well as an EP called This Is Evvie McKinney.


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