The ‘American Idol’ Mother’s Day Tribute You Probably Missed

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On Sunday night, American Idol Season 19 contestants paid tribute to their moms in honor of Mother’s Day. But the songs weren’t the only sweet dedication the show gave for the holiday. The cutest one probably went unseen by most viewers.

At the every end of the episode, after the results were revealed, you may have noticed that some of the names in the credits were a little different than usual.

‘American Idol’ Credits Pay Tribute to Moms

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The American Idol Top 7 got to give something back to their moms during Sunday night’s episode, so why shouldn’t the show’s host and judges be able to do the same? If you look closely at the credits, you’ll see the subtle tribute they paid to their moms.

The show’s host is listed as Connie Seacrest, mother of longtime American Idol emcee Ryan Seacrest. Similarly, the judges’ names have been replaced with their moms’ names. Katy Perry is listed as Mary Hudson (Perry’s real name is Katheryn Hudson), Luke Bryan is listed as LeClaire Bryan, and Lionel Richie is listed as Alberta Richie.

ABC / YouTube

It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it detail, but we love that the show decided to include it. It was also a sweet distraction from the disappointment of losing contestants Hunter Metts and Arthur Gunn after Sunday night’s performances. The competition has been narrowed down to the Top 5.

The Judges Honor Their Moms on Social Media

The judges didn’t just give their moms a shout-out in the credits — they also posted about them on social media. Perry shared an old photo with her mom Mary and her sister Angela on Twitter. Perry is also a mom herself, having given birth to her daughter Daisy Dove last year.

Bryan also shared some sweet snaps of his mom on social media. He posted photos from the time his mother LeClaire paid him a visit on the set of American Idol. Richie, meanwhile showed off some gardening tips on Instagram and Twitter in honor of Mother’s Day.


It’s too bad American Idol Season 19 won’t be airing when Father’s Day rolls around in June. We’d love to see the judges give similar shout-outs to their dads.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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