AGT’s Comedian Michael Yo Survived 8 Days In The ICU Fighting COVID And Is Now Saving Lives

AGT’s Comedian Michael Yo Survived 8 Days In The ICU Fighting COVID And Is Now Saving LivesMriganka Chawla | Talent Recap

Comedian Michael Yo auditioned for America’s Got Talent in March, and six days later he had COVID-19. Michael spent eight days in the ICU battling the virus, as well as pneumonia.

Michael has shared what it was like to have COVID, as well as how he’s feeling now. It was just revealed this week that Michael will be moving on to the live shows after the Judge Cuts episode.

Michael Yo’s COVID-19 Journey

Michael explained that his temperature went to 101 while he was self-isolating in his home. “On the fourth day, I woke up, and I couldn’t breathe that well,” he recalled in an interview with Wendy Williams. His wife called 911, and the paramedics immediately told him he had COVID.

The comedian was in the intensive care unit for eight days, and told Extra he was the first case of COVID at his area hospital. “It is the worst pain,” he said to describe his experience. “I had the baddest headache. It felt like a migraine times a million in my head. Chills, fever … Body aches. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t eat.”


“It’s gonna go really good or really bad,” the doctor apparently told Michael after diagnosing him with COVID and double pneumonia. After four days, the doctors told him he was going to be okay.

At one point, however, he typed out what could have been his “final words” to his family. “I typed it out because I wanted them to remember me by something,” he told ET. “I wanted my wife to be able to read my kid something, you know, when I was gone. It got that bad. It was scary.”

Michael said he lost 13 pounds while he was in the hospital. He gave a shoutout to the frontline workers, who are being “selfless.” He pointed out that people are dying of COVID alone in the hospital because they can’t see their families. He encouraged everyone to wear a mask.

How Is Michael Doing Now?

In April, Michael told Wendy Williams he felt “good,” but he still had fluid in his lungs, and it was still hard to catch his breath at times. He said he was “about 85 percent better.” In June, he told Extra that he still had fluid in his lungs.

Michael said it would probably take another few months to get the fluid out. However, he’s feeling good enough to start working out again. “So I’m starting to feel like myself again, thank God,” he said. “But it was rough.”


The comedian also shared on his podcast that he gave the virus to his wife and his mother, who both “beat it in a day.” In May, Michael shared that he had donated plasma which could help three people.

“I think my job now is to tell the world to wear a mask,” Michael told ET. “You know, let’s not make it political. Wear a mask. It can save lives. Because if you go to that hospital and you die, these people are alone and that’s what I try to tell people, man.”


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