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Teams Blake And Jennifer Narrow Down Their Top 3 On ‘The Voice’

Jack Tomas

Jack Tomas

Last night it was Blake and Jen’s turns to showcase their talent and pick their three contestants to move on to the top 12. It is getting harder and harder to pick as the competition is fierce. There are no filler contestants left at this point. It’s the best vs. the best.

Davon Fleming

First up for team J-hud was Davon and holy crap can this guy sing. When we met Chris Weaver he told us Davon was his biggest competition and boy was he not kidding. He annihilated Jennifer’s I Am Changing. ANNIHILATED. He was picked to move on, of course.

Hannah Mrozak

She was the first of team J-Hud’s group to resort to screeching. No one likes that. She did Kesha’s Learn to Let Go. She seemed nervous and more than a little desperate. She did not make it through.

Lucas Holliday

OK, I don’t know what happened here. But by the end of his performance, Mel and I had to turn it way down. Screech city. Lucas, you’re better than that. He also was not chosen.

Shi’Ann Jones

Shi’Ann is great and so was her rendition of Ariana Grande’s Tattooed Heart. Ariana has got a pretty good voice and matching those vocals is not easy and she did so with grace. Shi’ann is the second person chosen to go through.

Chris Weaver

(Audible Sigh). We love Chris. I honestly thought the first couple of weeks that he was for sure the winner. His performance was solid but I didn’t agree with the song selection and it cost him. He will not be moving on.

Noah Mac

To say Noah has stepped up his game the last two weeks is an understatement. His version of Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight was sexier than when Phil first sang it on Miami Vice. For you old people like me who get that reference, enough said. He was easily chosen to move forward.

Red Marlow

Red was the first up from team Blake and, let’s face it, we knew he was getting through. Red is the quintessential Blake guy. He’s also great fun to watch and a damn fine singer. So, no surprise there.

Chloe Kohanski

Chloe is a friend of the show and we’ve been cheering for her all along. Now, on team Blake, she came back with Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time. It made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. She got through big time.

Natalie Stovall

He rendition of Garth Brooks’ Callin’ Baton Rouge was epic. Her fiddle playing was something else. But maybe it was too much to do both. Natalie went home, but I predict we’ll hear from her again.

Esera Tuaolo

Esera is amazing but it just wasn’t his night. He’s a big guy with a big voice but, unfortunately he was sent home.

Mitchell Lee

He sang Bryan Adams and that’s never a good idea, in my opinion. Bryan Adams sucks. Mitchell is OK, but I can’t say as he’s a champion. He was let go.

Keisha Renee

She killed The Judd’s Love Can Build A Bridge. Murdered it, she is going to jail for how much she killed this song. She easily moved forward.

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