Talent Recap Show Ep. 26: ‘The Voice’s Shilo Gold Joins Mel To Give Her Prediction Of The Winner

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

This week I took a back seat to a real expert on The Voice. Who better to talk about The Voice battles than someone who actually did it? We had friend of Talent Recap and last season The Voice contestant Shilo Gold return to the show to discuss the current season, weigh in on the singers talents, and give us her prediction for who the winner is going to be.

We interviewed Shilo back in October of last year, early in the competition, and she told us she thought Chloe Kohanski was going to win. Chloe was great from the start but she hadn’t shot ahead of the pack yet and Shilo saw that early on. So, we wanted to know who she thinks has what it takes to win. I won’t tell you here who it is, you’ll have to watch the video. But, as a side note, Mel and I think she may be right.

We also discuss the controversy this week between Kelly Clarkson and Molly Stevens. Molly took offense when Kelly compared her to other LGBTQ artists and felt like she was being pigeonholed. We also talked to Shilo about her new album Saltwater and her kickstarter…that you should donate to immediately if not sooner by going here.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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