American Idol

The Talent Recap Show Ep 25: Catie’s Beatboxing, Ada Vox, And Why Is Katy Perry Making Everyone Cry?

In this action-packed episode of The Talent Recap Show, Mel and I discuss this week in American Idol. The auditions rounds ended and then the Hollywood week round began. The auditions weren’t that memorable, except for Ms. Ada Vox, of course. Then Hollywood week began and it was a whole lot of mess with some golden nuggets and a lot of drama.

Yes, a lot of drama indeed. You had Milo and Julian, the two cute brothers who were spilt apart when Julian was sent home. You had Maddie Zahm forgetting the words to her song and plowing forward anyway. But then it really got intense when Katy Perry tricked Crystal Alicea into thinking she was going home and then took it all back. What is going on with Katy?

All I know is that through the chaos I finally started seeing the show becoming more interesting. MUCH more interesting.