Talent Recap Challenged Facebook And Won

Over the weekend, our Facebook page was hacked. We don’t know by who. Perhaps some Russian hakzor that makes his living messing with websites or perhaps it was some 15-year-old in his mom’s basement with nothing better to do. Maybe he doesn’t like that I often make fun of Simon Cowell’s deep v-neck shirts?

So, we immediately put in a bunch of reports in to Facebook to get them to fix the problem. They didn’t exactly jump on the opportunity to help. In fact, it took them almost three days to get those hacker punks and restore our page. I shot a video in which I explained the situation and asked for Facebook’s help. I even offered to buy Mark Zuckerberg a new Gap hoodie. As soon as those words came out of my mouth, Facebook fixed the problem.

How did Mark and Facebook know? Because they spy on us, you know that. It’s like when you go to Amazon and then you go back to Facebook and what you looked at is in an ad. So, it’s only fair, Mark. Send us your address to Jack@talentrecap.com and we’ll send you that hoodie.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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