Survivor Recap: Loved One’s Visit Causes CRAZY Tribal Council!

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After last week’s incredible Idol play by Karishma, would she be able to dig herself out of the bottom? Will sombody go after Lauren? How would the annual Loved One’s Visit change the game? and who got voted off Survivor tonight? Find out on this Survivor Recap!

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Loved One’s Visit Reward Challenge

Dean, Lauren and Janet reacting to the news of the Loved One's Visit. who got voted off survivor tonight?
Dean, Lauren and Janet reacting to the news of the Loved One’s Visit.

The episode opens on the Loved One’s Visit. All of the castaways are supremely happy to see their family members. Karishma’s reunion with her husband is a particularly teary one, as she acknowledges her poor position. Janet’s husband reveals that they are having a granddaughter back at home! And Dan’s son becomes the youngest person to ever appear on an episode of Survivor, at the age of thirteen.

The challenge is very simple. The castaways are paired together and make their way through a series of obstacles. Then, they must land a sandbag on a pedestal. First team to finish wins reward, more time with their loved one. The pairs are Dan and Noura, Karishma and Lauren, Tommy and Janet, and Elaine and Dean.

After a close battle between all fours groups, Tommy and Janet win reward! After some hesitation, they choose Dan and Lauren to join them. Then, after they leave, Karishma says the remaining four need to band together before they head back to camp.


Loved One’s Visit Fallout

The four on reward discuss who to vote for, and agree to split between Elaine and Karishma. Elaine because she is a challenge threat, and Karishma for having nine lives. They then enjoy their Loved One’s Visit.

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Noura is angry as she returns to camp, and decides to flip to the former Lairo members after realizing she was on the bottom. The four unite to go look for an Immunity Idol. And after briefly looking, they find an immunity idol!

Immunity Challenge – Ballin’ A Jack

The players then head to the immunity challenge, with no reward due to the Loved One’s Visit. The challenge is, returning from San Juan Del Sur and Cambodia, Ballin’ A Jack.

Players will stand on a block of wood, and hold a set of handles above their head, supporting a ball. If their ball drops or they fall off they are out. Last standing wins immunity.

Tommy and Dean both drop out early along with Noura. Janet takes a hard fall, busting her foot open in the process. Karishma falls, as does Dan, leaving Lauren and Elaine.

They go for at least fifteen minutes, and both keep going for a long while after that. Lauren’s arms begin shaking, until Elaine suddenly drops giving Lauren her first immunity!

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Post-Challenge Strategy

After the challenge, the four: Dan, Janet, Lauren and Tommy, plan on voting for Karishma, and putting three on Elaine. After filling Noura in on the plan, she compares it to Lord of the Flies and is excited to have power on the vote.

Karishma acknowledges that if they do split their votes; her, Dean, Noura, and Elaine control who’s going home. However, Noura continues to panic, bringing up possible Idol play scenarios.

Everyone talks about her they can’t trust Noura. Elaine debates her idol play, and she brings up her lesson from Boston Rob and Sandra. “Don’t hesitate,” as we head to Tribal.

Tribal Council: Who Got Voted Off Survivor Tonight?

Karishma is blindsided in a 5-3 vote.

Janet starts saying that the Loved One’s Visit was amazing. Dean then WHISPERS to Tommy that the others are voting for him! This causes a massive chain reaction of broken conversation. Noura then shuts down the discussion, saying it was a ruse.

The Tribal goes INSANE, with everyone’s plans coming out in the open. Tommy calls Noura an effing liar, and it seems like everyone is writing Noura’s name. Jeff asks if anything needs to be said, and then sends the players to vote. Elaine plays her Immunity Idol.

Noura receives three votes.
Karishma receives fives votes.

So heres’ your Survivor result: Karishma Patel gets voted out of Survivor and BLINDSIDED at another crazy Tribal Council. Karishma goes home tonight after a long and hard fought game!

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So, with Dean and Elaine firmly on the bottom, will they be able to survive? How will Noura explain her almost flip? And will Island of the Idols make another appearance? Tune into CBS next Wednesday at 8/7 Central to find out!

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