Surprise! ‘America’s Got Talent’ Apparently Will Air Judge Cuts This Season

Corey Cesare
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Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Terry Crews, and Simon Cowell on 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent has once again shocked fans by changing up their schedule this season. After weeks of stating that there are ten episodes of auditions, they’ve allegedly decided to return to their beloved format.

Are Judge Cuts Coming Back to America’s Got Talent?

America’s Got Talent fans have been begging the series to air a version of Judge Cuts in 2022. Last year, fans were disappointed when the round was aired at the end of an audition episode as Judge Deliberations. Fans disliked Judge Deliberations because of the confusing format and lack of second round auditions. At the time, the show didn’t acknowledge which acts were cut from the show and why.

It’s been previously reported by NBC that the upcoming season of America’s Got Talent would feature ten weeks of auditions before the live shows (beginning August 9). Since this announcement, there have been a few obvious social media posts that have seemingly confirmed the Judge Cuts return.

First, pole dancer Kristy Sellars spoke about the round on her Instagram, while talking about her experience on the show. The Australia’s Got Talent champion has created a series about the creation of her act.

“The Judges Cuts for AGT will be happening in a couple of weeks, so I will know soon if I’ll be going through,” she said. “In the meantime, because the acts take so long to put together, I’m working on an act now so that if I did get through I’ll have something ready.”

This loose confirmation got fans excited, since Kristy has quickly become a stand out act in the competition. Since she was loved by the audience and judges, fans hope to see her perform again on Judge Cuts. It’s important to note here that Kristy never specified if she’s performing in this round or not. She instead makes it sound like she’s creating a Quarterfinals act. Fans hope that Kristy will perform once again, but her Instagram video can’t confirm nor deny if it’ll be in the Judge Cuts round.

Sofia Vergara Reveals Judge Cuts Round on Instagram

On July 7, actress and America’s Got Talent judge Sofia Vergara, published multiple photos on her Instagram stories. Even though this judge is notorious for her mirror photos, fans were quick to notice the text about Judge Cuts. Alongside the mirror photo, Vergara shared a photo of her sitting on a stool alone. While this may seem to tease a similar format as last year, fans have speculated that the formatting may change once again. They think that this year’s Judge Cuts will be similar to Judges’ Houses on The X Factor.

Since there’s been such a variety of acts this season, people think acts will be split up, similar to The X Factor format. We’re not sure how this would work entirely, but we’re excited to possibly see a new format. We hated Judge Deliberations last season, so we’re really hoping to see anything else.

On the flipside, the production team could’ve been filming Vergara’s opinion for a Judge Deliberation round. Last season’s formatting was similar to this photo, except the judges were all together. We hope both America’s Got Talent and NBC will clarify soon.

Regardless of if the Judge Cuts return to America’s Got Talent in the same format, or slightly modified, fans are happy to see the round once again. As of right now, America’s Got Talent and NBC has confirmed that they’ll continue to air auditions on NBC until the Live Shows on August 9.

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