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Simon Cowell’s Road To Success Was Rocky

When you think of talent competition shows, (like we do 24/7), one name stands above all others: Simon Cowell. Not only is he the executive producer and founder of the Got Talents and The X Factor but he pretty much invented the genre of talent, singing, and dancing shows with his stint as host of American Idol. But he wasn’t always so successful. Simon paid his dues like everyone else. He was even a dog once…

Simon came from money, as he explained to Harvey Levin on Fox News’ OBJECTified. You can tell from his posh accent. He had a classy set of parents that gave him opportunity. But he hated school and wanted to go into the entertainment business. He started off in the mail room at EMI records and soon started his own label with a friend. Soon, he had his first hit with his girlfriend Sinitta. Yes, THAT Sinitta. Then there was Wonderdog…a dance song with dogs barking in which he was forced to wear a dog suit to promote. He soon went broke and found himself without a job and living with his parents. But he never lost the belief he was destined for great things.

The rest is history. Music success, American Idol, TV stardom and the rest. Now Simon is a household name. Not bad, Wonderdog.