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Simon Cowell Says ‘AGT: Extreme’ Has No Chance For a Second Season

Alfredo Silva, Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella, Travis Pastrana on 'AGT: Extreme'Photo by: Eliza Morse/NBC

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It’s become quite obvious that America’s Got Talent: Extreme will not be renewed for a second season anytime soon. In a recent interview, Simon Cowell explained why he’s against the idea of season two of AGT: Extreme. Although this is a letdown for fans, the reason is ultimately due to the high risk for injury.

AGT: Extreme Will Never Be Renewed for a Season Two According to Simon Cowell

During an interview after the finale of AGT season 17, Cowell was asked if the extreme version of the series will return. Cowell almost immediately explained that there’s “no chance” for that to happen in the future.

“That was the most nerve-wracking thing I have ever done in my life,” Cowell said.

He explains that the stunts and acts done on AGT: Extreme were “way too much.” Throughout the entire season, the judge was visibly uncomfortable while watching the contestants perform.

Cowell clearly prefers the main series of AGT and the spin off AGT: All-Stars. Throughout AGT: Extreme‘s multiple stunts, all three judges are always on edge when contestants are performing their stunts.

As of the moment, Cowell is working on AGT: All-Stars and will most likely stick to that one AGT spinoff for the show. Although All-Stars is not as intense and over the top as AGT: Extreme, Cowell always brings something new to the show.


Filming AGT: Extreme Had a Number of Difficulties

There are also other reasons apart from Cowell’s disapproval why AGT: Extreme will never have another season. The major difference between AGT and AGT: Extreme is the intensity of acts and the format. Many fans hated the series format, since contestants were only able to appear once before the finale.

Another important reason is that contestants got hurt during filming, the most notable example of this is Jonathan Goodwin. Production was paused when the stuntman’s performance went horribly wrong resulting in multiple injuries and permanent spinal damage to Goodwin.

The incident became a major reason the spinoff is canceled, to ensure it doesn’t happen again to other contestants. Fans are generally understanding that the spinoff is not having a second season. In a Reddit post about the topic, a fan wrote “I was hoping there would be a season 2, totally get why there isn’t though.”

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