Rapper Performs His Own Song During Blind Audition — How Did The Coaches React?


Denzel, a 20-year-old rapper boldly performed his own original song during his Blind Audition on The Voice Australia. The judges were all shocked to hear the masterpiece and even more shocked to hear a rapper on the show. Check out his big performance below to see if any of the coaches turned their chairs.

Denzel Performed Original Rap On ‘The Voice Australia’

Denzel first discovered a love for rapping in chemistry class where he would make raps to remember his notes. The model wanted to pursue his passion of rapping and support his hard-working parents by auditioning in 2019. Immediately when he started off the song the coaches were all very intrigued. He began rapping super fast and the judges all began turning their chairs like a domino effect. This was one epic four-chair turn.

“I feel like I’m in the presence of greatness,” coach Guy Sebastian said. “You’re a storyteller, you’re a communicator, but there’s something that’s intellectual about you.” He said that the song “Akuma” should play at the start of a movie. The song got him amped up to the point where he could no longer sit down in his chair.


“There has never been someone like you on The Voice” Delta Goodrem said. “This is groundbreaking. The most exciting thing about rap music right now is it’s hot, it’s sexy.” Delta finished her speech by saying that when she is not at work, she loves to listen to rap music. Boy George said that he would not change a single thing about Denzel if he chose to be on his team.

“The same amount of confidence that you feel about being on that stage is the same amount of confidence that I feel about being your coach,” Kelly Rowland said. That sealed the deal for Denzel and he chose to be on Kelly’s team. He is the first-ever rapper to make it past the Blind Auditions on The Voice Australia.

He Became A Fan-Favorite In The Competition

In The Knockouts, Denzel performed another original song called “Revolution.” He was originally going to perform “This Is America” but Kelly thought it would be better for him to do an original. He won The Knockout and was a force to be reckoned with in the live shows.

He made it all the way to the first week of The Finals performing Kanye West’s “Power.” He advanced to the second week before he was eliminated from the competition.

Where Is Denzel Now?

After appearing on The Voice Australia, Denzel was a bit absent from social media. “I gotta say sorry for my absence, I’ve been on a crazy journey since last year” he wrote on Instagram. “More crazy than being on a show or anything like that, but I’m finally ready to show what’s up. For everyone who’s still here, still showing love, still supporting me doing my thing.”

He put out an original song called “Doc Marty.” Denzel took another break from social media amid the pandemic but he is finally back. “Music hit a huge wall for me, I lost people I loved, overall was not a vibe for a while there, but you know we living,” he wrote on Instagram. “I took back control, I held myself accountable, I battled my thoughts everyyyyyy day and now we’re here.”


Denzel teased that he has new music coming out in the near future.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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