Predictions: Who Will Make It To The ‘AGT’ Finale From Week 2 Of Semi-Finals?


The week two semi-finals performances on ‘AGT’ ended with some stellar acts taking the stage. Now now we just have to wait and see how America votes. But, as always, everyone has their own ideas of which five acts will make it through. Plus, who will get the Dunkin’ Save?

5 More Acts Will Make It To The ‘AGT’ Finale

We already have five acts that competed in the first week of the semi-finals last week and will be going to the finale. But, five more acts will join them. After last night’s performances, it’s blatantly obvious that Kazakh singer Daneliya Tuleshova will be one of them. The 14-year-old has become a clear frontrunner in the competition and the judges were completely blown away by her performance last night. Joining Daneliya in the finale should be the Indian dancing duo Bad Salsa. They recieved a standing ovation from the judges and were definitely one of the more exciting acts of the night. America could totally shock us and put Bad Salsa in the Dunkin’ Save, but either way, they are another clear favorite in the competition.

The third act that should make it into the America’s Got Talent finale is Jonathan Goodwin. Last night we saw Jonathan ride a zipline with his teeth. This has never been done on live television before and he got a lot of love on Twitter. Jonathan definitely brought something more dangerous to the table this week, which is saying something since he quite literally set himself on fire last week. He blew Max Major out of the water as the magician/illusionist was called out on social media for being a fraud after his act. Jonathan is another act that if he is not one of the top three acts voted through to the finale by America, he will definitely end up in the Dunkin’ Save.


Which Act Will Be Saved By The Judges?

Each week, the acts that received the fourth, fifth and sixth most votes from America battle it out for the Dunkin’ Save. America then votes live for which of the three acts they want to save. The other two acts vie for the judge’s votes and only one will be voted through to the finale. Heidi’s Golden Buzzer Christina Rae delivered a powerhouse performance that Heidi absolutely loved last night. She looked great and sounded even better. We definitely think Christina has a chance to earn the Dunkin’ Save if she is not one of the top three vote-getters tonight. The next act that will probably find themselves in the Dunkin’ Save is Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer WAFFLE Crew. They were in the Dunkin’ Save in the quarterfinals so they will definitely be able to get enough votes to do the same thing this week.

The last spot in the Dunkin’ Save is definitely a tossup between Voices Of Our City Choir who was Terry Crew’s Golden Buzzer and sword swallower Brett Loudermilk. Voices Of Our City got a standing ovation from the judges for their rendition of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” While Brett was just plain out hilarious as always, however, Howie Mandel was not such a huge fan of his act last night. Judging on Brett winning the Dunkin’ Save in the quarterfinals, it’s not such a far-fetched idea that he can do the same this week so he is our third pick.


Which five acts do you think will make it to the finale on America’s Got Talent?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

Samantha Agate is a contributor and host for Talent Recap on YouTube with a previous byline at The Blast. She graduated from Hunter College in 2019 with a degree in Media Studies and a Concentration in Journalism. When she isn't binge-watching reality television shows or binge-eating fried food, she loves hanging out with her friends and family and petting puppies.

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