Ouch! Sofia Vergara to Replace Gabrielle Union on ‘AGT’ 2020?

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After both Gabrielle Union and and Julianne were fired from America’s Got Talent, it is being reported that Actor, Sofia Vergara is set to take one of those precious seats at the panel. Yes, we can’t believe it either! Sofia is currently in talks with producers of the show, keep reading to find out more.

Sofia Vergara in talks with ‘AGT’

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An insider spoke to TMZ and explaining that Sofia had a meeting with AGT bosses on Wednesday for two whole hours! It turns out Sofia Vergara was also there to discuss other projects with NBC and their partnering Spanish speaking network, Telemundo.

The insider also mentioned that Sofia was 20 mins late for the interview, which I mean, just look at her, can you be mad at her ever?

Simon is not leaving ‘AGT’ Anytime Soon

I mean that was obvious, wasn’t it? But NBC did meet Gabrielle Union and if you thought Simon Cowell was going anywhere, well he technically can’t and here is why.

Post Gabrielle Union’s racial insensitivity allegations and the toxic work culture claims that have been backed by multiple celebrities and past judges, NBC has launched an investigation and are in touch multiple sources concerned but there is problem.


This comes short of 3 months before the next shooting cycle goes into production. And three months is not enough time for NBC to complete its investigation and come up with a conclusive result that will satiety all parties and put an end to the “boys club” Simon Cowell is allegedly running on AGT.

So it is safe to say that Simon is not going anywhere for the next cycle of got talent competitions and he will shortly hit our screens with ‘AGT: Champion’


Sophia is Simon’s Fan and Wanted Him in Modern Family

Sofia told Britain’s Metro Newspaper in 2017 that “We have been blessed with some incredible guests, but if you are asking who my dream guest would be I would have to say Mr Simon Cowell.”

“He is known for having one of the sharpest tongues in showbiz. Gloria is known for her sharp tongue. It could make for some funny TV – and maybe Mr Nasty would learn never to mess with Latin American women!”

Ouch! That is some spitting fire and we can’t wait to see this duo go head to head while judging, imagine the lives! Forget the talent, I would tune in to watch them battle it out.

Fun fact, Simon himself is no stranger to cameos, having previously appeared in two episodes of The Simpsons, once as himself, then as a brutally honest judge called Henry, and in a handful of Family Guy episodes. So Sofia did genuinely want him on the show but hey! Simon got her on is show instead!

Would you like to see Sofia as a judge on America’s Got Talent in 2020? Let us know down below in the comments!


Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

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