Nick Cannon to Host First-Ever ‘Masked Singer’ Awards Show


The Masked Singer is doing a great job of keeping fans waiting with anticipation to see which celebrities are unmasked. Instead of the usual showdown between the remaining six contestants, this week, Nick Cannon will be hosting an inaugural awards show called “The Masky’s.”

The Scoop About The Masky’s, The First ‘Masked Singer’ Awards Show

The Masky’s is a new awards show where The Masked Singer contestants will be awarded for their performances this season. It is described in the trailer as a “sing-along award show full of surprises.” Picture the recent Academy Awards ceremony, but full of masked celebrities instead of glamorous dresses and tuxedos.

This episode offers an exclusive look behind the scenes at all of the contestants that have already been revealed. This includes the first time they ever wore their iconic costumes. Viewers will catch a glimpse at Logan Paul jumping around as Grandpa Monster during rehearsals and Bobby Brown trying on the Crab mask. Some rehearsal footage has already been uploaded to The Masked Singer YouTube channel.


The Spicy 6 will not perform this week. Expect to see footage of their old performances, this time with the lyrics so the whole family can sing along at home. All of the contestants are up for awards at The Masky’s including an award for “Most Entertaining Trainwreck.”

We can almost guarantee that the winner of “Most Entertaining Trainwreck” will be judge Ken Jeong. His outlandish guesses and his unpredictable behavior on the show make him a frontrunner for this award. Judges Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke will most likely also be up for some awards.

Look Out for New Clues About the Remaining Contestants

During this special episode, new revealing clues and hints at the remaining contestant’s identities will be revealed. Viewers will also get to see the very first clue about the identity of the Cluedle-Doo. This giant masked chicken has been tormenting the show all season long. We have all been wondering who is under the mask in this new twist.

The Cluedle-Doo is always offering clues about the other contestants and it’s finally time that we get to know a little bit more about him. Some popular guesses for the identity of The Cluedle-Doo include Billy Eichner and Jamie Foxx. Another popular guess was comedian, Joel McHale, who is a favorite guest judge on the show. This was debunked after many viewers pointed out that The Cluedle-Doo is someone who has never been on the show before.

At first, many thought Cannon’s absence from the first few episodes of the show meant he was underneath The Cluedle-Doo mask. After recovering from COVID-19, Cannon was revealed to be the third wildcard contestant, The Bulldog. He was eliminated and unmasked on the night of his first performance by guest host Niecy Nash. It was one of the most epic twists in the show’s history.

The Masky’s will air on Wednesday April 28 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. The Spicy 6 will battle it out in the episode the week after.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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