Netflix Original Film ‘A Cowgirl’s Song’ Wins Eight Total Awards at Film Festival

Darci Lynne Farmer and Savannah Lee May in 'A Cowgirl's Song'Photo courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films

Darci Lynne Farmer’s film debut A Cowgirl’s Song recently performed exceptionally well at The Wild Bunch Film Festival. The film became an instant hit, winning eight total awards. This film confirmed that the Oklahoma City native was born for a role on the big screen.

Darci Lynne Farmer Wins Her First Acting Award For A Cowgirl’s Song

A Cowgirl’s Song recently won several awards in a film festival, marking the success of several stars. The film’s stars DWTS alum Cheryl Ladd, Julie and The Phantoms star Savannah Lee May, and the ventriloquist AGT champion Darci Lynne Farmer must feel very accomplished.

On October 25, the film’s Instagram account shared a picture of several trophies in many different categories. Awards Include Best Modern Day Western Feature, Best Actress (to May), Best Supporting Actress (to Farmer), Director’s Choice Actress Modern Day Feature Western Film Award (to Ladd), and many more.

“It was very near and dear to my heart to have my very first movie filmed here because it’s something I was nervous for.” Farmer said. “But it just made the overall experience way more comfortable and easygoing and fun because the crew was a lot of Oklahoma-based people.”

Viewers of the film have given positive reviews after watching A Cowgirl’s Song. The beauty of the film comes from the actors and actresses actually knowing how to sing, giving life to the musical coming-of-age story.

The Film Premiere Was Celebrated With a Benefit Concert

The film’s premiere was celebrated with a special concert featuring Farmer and married duo, The Imaginaries. The event’s setting is also where the film takes place and Farmer’s hometown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The headliners of the concert performed the original soundtrack of the film and other song covers.

The concert aimed to help raise funds for a local charity called Amberley Snyder Freedom Foundation. The foundation helps provide opportunities for those with special needs and disabilities providing them with confidence through specialized activities.

A Cowgirl’s Song’s success came from all the people collaborating in the film, the team behind the show also did really well. Future projects from the same individuals that worked on A Cowgirl’s Song would also become hits.

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