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The Four has already become “The Six,” with two challengers knocking out the original competitors in the first episode. One of them captured the attention of viewers and the internet — Zhavia. Let’s get to know the 16-year-old sensation.

She blew the judges away with her cover of  Khalid’s Location. “You look, move like, and sound like, a young icon,” declared DJ Khaled. “I think I heard the future tonight,” said music executive Charlie Walk.

The judges voted her the right to challenge one of the Four, and she picked Elanese. The Latina singer’s generic voice and stage presence was no match for Zhavia’s radio-ready alto voice (and more interesting look), and Zhavia became the first vocalist to win a challenge. She took Elanese’s spot and was safe for the rest of the episode. So who is this teenage sensation with no last name and intense dreadlocks?

Age: 16
Hometown: Los Angeles
Genre: R&B, soul
Describes Herself As: “A 16-year-old singer/songwriter from LA.” Neither her website nor any of her social media channels list any genres, influences, or goals. Her management company simply says “R&B/Soul.”


Credits: Despite calling herself a songwriter, I can find none of Zhavia’s music anywhere on the web. Her SoundCloud account consists of just her cover from The Four. She has a YouTube channel but no videos. She’s managed by OC Hit Factory, which “recently became a subsidiary record company to Sony Music Group,” according to its website. So she’s primed for a music career, but hasn’t accomplished anything yet. Then again, she’s only 16.  

Fast Facts: Zhavia’s signature dreadlocks are courtesy of her mother, Bobbi Jo Black, who runs Hot Head Dreads in Los Angeles. Her mom seems to be a big part of Zhavia’s life; she said her goal is to buy her mom a house, and Bobbi Jo accompanied Zhavia and the other (current) Four to the Golden Globes.

But there’s more to the family. Zhavia has two sisters.

Why She’ll Win: “On a scale of one to 10 of how much I want this, I would say 100 million.” Zhavia’s determination is clear for all to see. She also has the strong support of her family. Zhavia has real talent that’s far beyond her years. Her distinctive looks makes her unforgettable.

Why She Won’t: With so many challengers still to come, will fans forget Zhavia’s early success and grab onto the next next big thing? Is Zhavia just not quite ready for the big time being so young?

What do you think of Zhavia and her chances of winning? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.


Jason Ginsburg
Jason Ginsburg

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