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Mauricio Umansky is Going to Court Over $32.5 Million Mansion

Mauricio Umansky on 'Dancing With The Stars" Most Memorable Year NightPhoto by: Disney/Christopher Willard

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Known for his appearances on Dancing With The Stars and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Mauricio Umansky is now dealing with a court case concerning a $32 million mansion in Malibu, California. The judge overseeing this case is not pleased with Mauricio’s actions.

Mauricio Umansky is On Trial Over his Malibu Mansion

The legal entanglement revolves around a real estate transaction between Umansky and Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue of Equatorial Guinea. Teodoro was involved in a money laundering investigation related to his country’s finances. Umansky’s handling of the Malibu property sale has come under scrutiny.

Sam Hakim, a developer, and his real estate agent allege that Umansky not only ignored their offer to purchase the property but also engaged in fraudulent activities to benefit from the sale. One year after Umansky and his partner bought the house, they resold it for a substantial profit of $37 million. The judge overseeing the case has expressed frustration with both parties’ legal maneuvering.

Umansky claims that his text messages relevant to the deal have disappeared. While Hakim initially argued that electronic messaging did not exist at the time. However, the judge has urged both parties to stop the “gamesmanship” and adhere to the rules of discovery.

The legal battle continues, with Hakim seeking at least $35 million in damages. The case is set for trial in 2023 if a resolution is not reached through mediation.

At the moment, Umansky maintains that the allegations against him are false and that he will also prevail. The ongoing legal dispute threatens to overshadow his achievements in the real estate industry and his entertainment career.

Mauricio Umansky Says His Latest DWTS Dance Was Dedicated to His Family

Following his ongoing legal battle over the $32.5 million mansion, Umansky is making a heartfelt dedication in his latest dance performance. With last Tuesday’s DWTS episode themed around contestants’ “Most Memorable Year,” Umansky shared his emotional motivation for the dance.

In a recent Instagram post, Umansky revealed that his dance is dedicated to his estranged wife, Kyle Richards, and their daughters, Alexia and Sophia. He reflected on the challenges he and Kyle faced in 1996, including his job loss and financial struggles. Umansky described Kyle as his rock and emphasized their journey of rising above adversity and moving mountains.

The dance performance was a contemporary routine set to the inspiring song “Rise Up” by Andra Day, featuring his dance partner, Emma Slater. Umansky’s performance aimed to convey the message that life is not always perfect, but with determination and the support of loved ones, one can rise unafraid and move mountains.

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