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Who is the Beetle? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction & Clues!

Beetle performs on 'The Masked Singer'CR: Michael Becker / FOX

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The new format on The Masked Singer season 8 keeps new singers coming every week! We’ve loved the energy and all the themed nights. On Muppets Week, we have Miss Piggy joining the panel to listen to the costumed vocalists. And all the singers really put on a show!

One of the new singers hoping to impress Miss Piggy, the judges, and the audience is the Beetle. But who could the celebrity be under the mask? And what clues do we have about their identity? Let’s see what we know!


Clues on The Masked Singer Season 8

We only got one clue ahead of the Beetle’s first time taking the stage. The clue appeared on The Masked Singer‘s Instagram, under the mask-ray. It was a leaf! When he took the stage, we saw a clue that said he “hangs with spies.”

Then, in his first clue package, Beetle starts standing on a suitcase with an “I <3 MS” sticker and a plane sticker. He says he was “born in a land far away” and all his family wanted was “to chase the American dream.” We see an American flag and a California flag. He “got involved in public server.” One of the Men in Black is then shown cleaning a pair of black, thick-rimmed glasses.

The Beetle says his life “took a dramatic turn” as he walks up to a judge’s bench. He became a “household name” and broke records, but his work has been called “some of the worst of all time.” But Beetle never let it give him “the blues, brother!” He claims that he’s seen his name is lights on the West End and that it appeared in one of the biggest films of the 90’s. After, he said he has “that X factor.” We see Beetle hitting an old school TV and mention “spilling the beans.” He ends his clues by saying, “you’ve definitely heard my voice before and you’ve probably even yelled my name at your TV.”

When being interrogated by Miss Piggy, he admitted he’s won a few Emmys.

Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Beetle

Miss Piggy thought the Beetle could be John Larroquette from Night Court. Nicole predicted it’s Mr. Bean himself, Rowan Atkinson. Next, Ken threw out Dan Aykroyd, Jeff Goldblum, or Mike Meyers. He seemed especially excited about the last guess! Finally, Jenny connected clues pointing to Jerry Springer.

Popular guesses online included Mike Meyers, Michael Keaton, Jason Mraz, Jerry Springer, and Leif Garrett.


Who is the Beetle on The Masked Singer?

It’s way too soon to say who Beetle could be! But we will definitely be keeping an eye out for any new clues or sneak peeks at their performances. One thing is for sure…we will know who he is before too long!


Jerry Springer!

The crazy thing is, some people even predicted it might be him before we got any clues! And they were right. There will be two new contestants taking the stage next week, trying to beat out the Lambs to earn a spot in the Semi-finals!

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