Meet ALL The Characters on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3

Kyle Montplaisir
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The Masked Singer season 3 premiere is right around the corner! The show returns after the Super Bowl this weekend, in the most coveted time slot of the year. And we have a lot to look forward to! There are 18 new characters this season, with bigger celebrities than ever hidden underneath.
Preview of The Masked Singer season 3, introducing FOUR new costumes

Here are the costumes we’ll see competing for the Golden Mask on The Masked Singer season 3.

The Mouse Mask

The first character we saw in The Masked Singer season 3 preview was the Mouse. And there are some pretty strong hints about who could be under the mask too! Our own Mel has her prediction, which is hard to deny. The costumed celebrity is in a floral bridal dress and a flower crown. Her clues include Beverly Hills, the number “3340,” Uggs, and a chihuahua in a tutu.

The Robot Mask

Next up in the preview was the Robot mask. This costume is epic! I love the metallic look and all the gadgets and details are done to perfection. The clues we see about him are a cowboy walking up to the costume being delivered, then tipping his hat. Early guesses are he could be a country singer, a UT-Austin alum, or a Dallas Cowboys player. I’m just waiting for him to do the robot dance on The Masked Singer stage.

The Banana

We also got a first glimpse at the Banana mask in the season 3 preview. The only thing we saw about him was that he was backstage with what looked like a Hollywood Walk of Fame star on the door Nick Cannon was standing in front of. But because of his ridiculous expression (and the excessive “a-peel-ing” puns), many people online are guessing this will be a comedian.

Miss Monster

The last character we saw teased in the preview video was Miss Monster. And from the clues in the video, this is one of the biggest stars in the show! Similar to the Monster from season 1 of The Masked Singer, Miss Monster has one eye, a fuzzy body, and two horns. Popular guesses already are T-Pain’s real life wife or Nicki Minaj. We even see the Monster return to perform with her in this clip!

The Frog Mask

Now we start to get into the characters we know less about. The rest of these have close to zero hints about the celebrities hidden underneath. But that’s the fun of The Masked Singer anyway, right? It’s ribbiting! (Like riveting? See what I did there?) The frog is dressed in a purple suit and fedora with a yellow tie and feather. That’s about all we get for him!

The Llama Mask

One of the goofiest costumes from The Masked Singer season 3 is the Llama. I mean, whoever has this costume is carrying an entire back half behind them at all times! And if that’s not enough, he or she is dressed like some sort of tourist? Amazing. The tongue hanging out of the Llama’s mask just about did me in. This has to be someone who isn’t taking the competition too seriously!

The White Tiger Mask

When Production Creative Tiana Gandelman talked about having a “a very tall, tall, tall singer” on The Masked Singer season 3, this could be who she’s talking about. This costume looks MASSIVE. And the pharaoh-like attire is pretty epic too! Could it be an athlete? Seems like the right build to me but it’s too soon to say.

The Kangaroo Mask

Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeee! Next in the ring we’ve got the Kangaroo mask, decked out in boxing gloves, shorts, and a robe. I’m thinking he or she could be a contender to make it far in the competition! But the costume doesn’t give us many clues about who could be underneath.

The Turtle Mask

TURTLE POWER! This costume rocks. The Turtle definitely has some punk to him, with spiked hair, a leather jacket and pants, plenty of belts and chains, and a spiked shell. We’re thinking this HAS to be a rocker! Or at least someone with some edge to him/her. Just look at that pose!

The Astronaut Mask

This is one of my favorite costumes of The Masked Singer season 3. Dare I say it’s…out of this world? Okay, I’ll stop. But this costume is really awesome! It’s all in gold with some gears and wires attached and a little solar system wrapped around the head. But the costume doesn’t even give any hints about the singer’s body type! It looks more like a VMA than anything.

The Swan Mask

Stop looking at me, Swan! The Swan mask is one of the more elegant on season 3 of The Masked Singer. She’s got a dress made out of feathers and an elaborate neck. Is that actually where her head is? Or is her head at the bottom of the neck? My guess is the later but I guess we’ll have to wait to see.

The Kitty Mask

Unless we’re getting punked like last year’s Leopard, the Kitty is most likely a female. So a clue we can finally use! The Kitty’s costume is extravagant. She’s wearing a feathered skirt and headpiece, a sequin leotard, and blinged-out booties and gloves. I’m still holding out hope this could be one of Nicole’s fellow Pussycat Dolls. It’s gotta happen!

The Taco Mask

TACO ’bout a terrifying costume! But seriously, what is this? And why is the head a TOMATO? I honestly think without that, this would’ve been more palatable. Like maybe just a face wearing a sombrero or something? The “Boogie Nights” pose has me confused too. But mostly just the face. What is with that face? Let’s hope Taco mask doesn’t stick around too long.

The Rhino Mask

One of the later costumes to be revealed was the Rhino mask. I love the expression on his face and how he’s wearing pilot gear. Could it be Pilot Pete from The Bachelor? It better not be! But in all honesty, this one is pretty goofy too. He’s dressed in some combo on safari gear too. I don’t know if he’ll stick around long, but this is definitely a fun new addition to season 3!

The Bear Mask

We’ve had a Lion (on season 1), we’ve seen a White Tiger, and now there’s a Bear…oh my! And this costume looks straight outta Build-A-Bear, with tie-dye coloring, furry accents, and high-heel boots. If this isn’t a female, it’s a man who isn’t afraid to walk in some heels!

The Elephant Mask

Heading into premiere weekend, we got yet another exciting costume: the Elephant mask! This one is EPIC, and another contender to be the “very, very, very tall” singer on season 3. It seems like the details on this costume actually light up, which is next level. I mean, just look at those tusks! This is one of my favorites this season, from a purely design standpoint. Let’s hope his singing skills can compete.

The Night Angel Mask

One of the more…interesting characters is the recently announced Night Angel mask. This jewel-covered purple and pink angel has a creepy shocked expression on her face. This is Victoria’s Secret meets masquerade meets Hans from AGT. And I can’t decide if I like it or not. Either way, this doesn’t seem like front-runner material, in my opinion.

But there is still ONE costume that hasn’t been revealed yet! It seems like we won’t have to wait long though! We’ll hear even more leading up to the season 3 premiere of The Masked Singer on Sunday after the Super Bowl. If you can’t wait until then, here’s a preview about what went into making this season’s costumes! Which character from The Masked Singer season 3 are you most excited about?

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