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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: T-Pain Returns + An Un-TREE-lieveable Reveal!


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Next week is the Finale on The Masked Singer! So with six celebrities left, it’s time for them to up their game. But who will rise to the top and who will be unmasked?

Here is our Masked Singer recap for the Top 6, with T-Pain joining the panel.

Fox performs “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx on The Masked Singer

Who is the Fox?

Clues: To start, the Fox is seen reading “A Guide on How to Break-Up” and says cliche break-up lines. The Fox then says he “wants to fly away.” Framed photos of dogs are seen on the screen. The Fox is looking through a photo album with him in front of three stools. He said this whole thing is “unchained.” Now, he’s “ready to win this whole thing without you.” After his performance, the Fox said he “spent one of the best weekends of his life” with one of the judges.

Performance: The Fox kicks out the night singing “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx. He’s clearly trying to throw the judges off, since they’ve guessed Jamie Foxx before! But his performance was great. He starts out switching up the song, making it slow and soulful. When it gets upbeat, the Fox really brings it home with one of his signature dance breaks. And he even does some scatting! This Fox can SANG!

Judges’ Guesses: Jamie Foxx, Wayne Brady, Lenny Kravitz

Leopard performs “We Are Young” by fun. on The Masked Singer

Who is the Leopard?

Clues: The entire clue package is about tennis! At first, Leopard is seen holding a tennis racket. He is hosting “The Grand Slam Open,” brought to you by tofu, and calls himself the “Menace of Tennis.” A check is seen for $20 million. Then, a broken motorcycle is shown, hinting at an accident. The Leopard gave a final clue that he was presented an award at an award show with one of the panelists and he was wearing a custom leather outfit.

Performance: Singing “We Are Young” by fun., the Leopard did an uncharacteristically slow song this time around. But it wasn’t bad! He doesn’t have my favorite voice in the competition but he makes up for it with her persona and stage presence. I would be still surprised if he made it to the Finale though.

Judges’ Guesses: Eric Benét, Seal, Enrique Iglesias

Thingamajig performs “Ordinary People” by John Legend on The Masked Singer

Who is Thingamajig?

Clues: Thingamajig says he’s “gonna start back at one” and is seen with a guitar. He holds up a letterman jacket and talks about campaigning for himself, throwing papers with “MVP” written on them onto a car. He says there’s “no time to get crabby.” Then, Thingamajig stands in front of a wall of sunflowers and one red rose. When asked for what he has in common with the panel, he said he’s collaborated with one of the same artists as one of them.

Performance: “Ordinary People” by John Legend is not an easy song to cover. I go to a lot of karaoke and see a lot of bad versions. But Thingamajig’s was honestly the best I’ve heard besides John Legend himself. WOW! There’s a reason he’s come this far in the competition. The judges and audience standing throughout his performance are just proof that Thingamajig is here to win.

Judges’ Guesses: John Legend, Markelle Fultz, Montell Jordan, Nicole’s future fiance

Flamingo performs “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac on The Masked Singer

Who is the Flamingo?

Clues: The Flamingo starts in her room again after footage is shown on an old TV. She mentions “California dreams” and says she went from “clueless to celebrated.” A bunch of Facebook “like” icons fly onto the screen. She said she “mingled with other flamingos” and it was like a different world. Everything in the package has old school graphics. She claims, “My Flam Fam are like my sisters, sister.” The Flamingo shared some couch time with one of the panelists in 2013.

Performance: In a change of pace, Flamingo sang “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac. She had a blast on stage, hitting some crazy high notes and jumping octaves like a champ. She also danced all across the stage and, as Ken described it, was “sassy, sexy, and super.”

Judges’ Guesses: Hilary Duff, Adrienne Bailon, Fantasia Barrino

Tree performs “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga on The Masked Singer

Who is the Tree?

Clues: The Tree says “it can get a little lonely” under the mask. She could use some friends! She is seen on the screen in a sleepover, doing hair and having a pillow fight. A rainbow flag is also shown in the shot. The Tree says she needs cheers more than ever! As far as what she has in common with a panelist, Tree says she’s shared a stage (and a standing O) with one of them.

Performance: Performing Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory,” the Tree again shows off her singing prowess. The song really goes into the stratosphere and she nails it. Plus, as always, she puts in just enough personality and sass to make it entertaining. She’s one of the best at that in the competition! And this performance played to her strengths.

Judges’ Guesses: Bebe Neuwirth, Rachael Ray, Mariah Carey

Rottweiler performs “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi on The Masked Singer

Who is the Rottweiler?

Clues: The Rottweiler says he’s doing his best to be a “zen dog.” He says his self-doubt can get him stuck in his head so he likes to meditate, even if it’s only for “30 seconds.” Two of the men are seen with babies attached to them. Rottweiler likes to imagine himself “swimming from the deep end to the shallow.” An alarm clock rings at “12:26.” He is seen playing a guitar and holding up a blue flower and mentions his “so-called life.” The Rottweiler has been on the same list as one of the panelists, but it wasn’t the Sexiest Man Alive.

Performance: Rottweiler closes out the night singing “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi. In this song more than his others, I think his tone really came through here. He did an excellent cover, with nice, simple staging around him. This was a no-frills performance to prove that he has the vocals to win this thing. Audience members were even crying!

Judges’ Guesses: Darren Criss, Jared Leto, Bow Wow

Tonight’s Un-TREE-lieveable Reveal

At the end of the night, someone had to be unmasked. And this episode, it’s the Tree. Judges put in their final guesses of Amy Sedaris (Robin and Nicole), Ana Gasteyer (Jenny), Bebe Neuwirth (Ken), and Mariah Carey (T-Pain). Finally, she is revealed to be…

Tree’s celebrity identity is revealed on The Masked Singer

SNL comedian and actress, Ana Gasteyer!

Just as we (and Jenny) predicted! Join us again tomorrow night for the Semifinals, where TWO celebrities will be unmasked. That’s it for our Masked Singer recap! In the meantime, check out our YouTube channel for the rest of our predictions.

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