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‘The Masked Singer’ Group B Championship Recap: Let’s TACO ‘Bout It!


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It’s The Masked Singer Group B Championship! With so many top-tier celebrities already revealed this season, we can’t wait to see who else is left. Either the Kitty, Banana, Frog, or Taco will be unmasked tonight: only three will move on to the Super 9!

But who will it be? Read our Masked Singer recap of the Group B Championship to find out what went down.

The show kicked off with a Group B performance of “Larger Than Life” by the Backstreet Boys. Then, the panel welcomes season one winner, T-Pain and we got into the action!

Who is The Kitty?

Kitty performing “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert on The Masked Singer Group B Championship

Clues: Kitty had her “BFF” dish out some gossip about her. She is seen as a Rapunzel-like character with long green hair. Her BFF says she “didn’t have a ton of friends” and “got bullied at school for being weird” growing up. The clues show a decorative egg, adorned in diamonds and two candelabras. She mentions that Kitty has “always had a flair for the dramatic,” whether she’s writing poems or directing horror movies they would star in. We see Christmas lights hanging up. Her BFF mentions that she once said she could see ghosts and got detention.

Kitty says her friendship bracelet is for Robin. It says “FIREWORKS” on it. Kitty says she gave it to him because “the first time we met was lit!”

Performance: The feisty Kitty showed her country roots again, singing Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart.” Her voice was incredible and that stage presence is second to none! She was OWNING the song, prancing around and acting sassy throughout it. I love seeing Kitty doing something more upbeat! This should all but seal her spot in the Super 9 (and probably as the Group B front-runner).

Judges’ Guesses: Christina Ricci, Kristen Bell, Haylie Duff

Who is The Taco?


Clues: Taco had a famous celebrity friend speak on his behalf. We see a menu with “ME” in red, sparkly letters. His face is behind a seafood platter with an old fashioned or glass of whiskey on the table. His friend says they both “help people when they get knocked down.” He starts serving beans. They “always find the humor in everything.” The clues then show a washboard. He mentions that they both have “little shrimps,” who would be proud of Taco. The friend closes by saying Taco is doing what he does best, entertaining America.

Taco gave his friendship bracelet to his friend, Nicole. On the bracelet, “KISS” was written. He said, “when I saw you in person, you were perfect.”

Performance: Singing “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)” by the Four Tops, Taco brought his usual spice and flair to the stage. And we even saw some choreographed dancing too? Dancing is a relative term here. But either way, I thought Taco did well and had a lot of fun in this performance. Plus, how can you not love the hot sauce bottle for a mic?

Judges’ Guesses: Barry Manilow, Howie Mandel, Jerry Springer


Who is The Banana?

Banana performing “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers on The Masked Singer Group B Championship

Clues: Banana starts by saying his memory isn’t what it used to be, but his “banana fam” could talk about him. We then hear two female voices. They are sitting at a table with a jar of jam, a car jack, some tools, and what looks like a scepter with a spider on it. When they were younger, Banana decided to build a race track in their backyard. He taught them how to drive on go-karts! We see Banana riding on a go-kart numbered “11.” They say he’s been through a lot of “heartburn,” but he’s always laughed through it.

After his song, Banana gave his friendship bracelet to Jenny. The bracelet says “NINETIES LOVE” on it. He explains, “We had a little chance to hang as friends and had a great time!”

Performance: Next, Banana sang “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers and brought the audience to CHURCH! He was backed by a gospel choir, which made it that much more epic. But this really seemed like a breakout moment for him. Banana had soul for his rendition of such a classic, iconic song! And his ad-libbing at the end really sold the performance for me.

Judges’ Guesses: Michael Andretti, Brad Paisley, Johnny Knoxville

Who is The Frog?

Frog performing “You Dropped A Bomb On Me” by The Gap Band on The Masked Singer Group B Championship

Clues: Frog is sitting in front of a police lineup. Frog’s “team member” talks about how she’s known him since he was a tadpole. Shampoo and a comb are shown. She says she’d look out for him in LA and even then “he had an entourage.” His team member remembers taking him to his first late night talk show. She claimed he was “cool, calm, and collected” while a bow tie appears on the screen. “Life hasn’t always been easy for him,” she says as flowers are shown, to close the package.

The Frog gave his friendship bracelet to…not Ken, but T-Pain! It said “ALL WE DO IS WIN,” alluding to the DJ Khaled song T-Pain was featured on.

Performance: To close the night, Frog sang “” by . And his dance moves were better than ever! Did you see that fancy footwork? And the making it rain at the end? This was a PERFORMANCE! The other singers should be taking notes. Frog is one to watch out for!


Judges’ Guesses: Ludacris, Tommy Davison, Omarion

The Taco Revealed on The Masked Singer Group B Championship

The Taco was eliminated by the audience vote this episode. So it’s time for the panelists to put in their predictions before he’s unmasked! Nicole’s final guess was Barry Manilow. Ken thought it was Martin Short and Robin actually agreed with him! T-Pain predicted it was Kelsey Grammer. Lastly, Jenny stuck with her guess earlier in the episode and said Jerry Springer.

After the judges’ predictions, the Taco was revealed to be…

The Taco is revealed on The Masked Singer Group B Championship

Dancing With The Stars host, Tom Bergeron!

While none of the panelists were right about him, we were! That means the Banana, Kitty, and Frog are moving on to the Super 9. Tune in for an all new group of celebrities next Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX for The Masked Singer!

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