Luke Bryan Returns For Season 17 Of ‘American Idol’, Feeling More Confident Than Ever

Luke Bryan Solo


Country music star Luke Bryan is geared up and ready for another season of American Idol. Aspiring vocalists will descend on the Idol stage in hopes of achieving their ultimate dream. Bryan says he is walking into his second season with the show feeling more confident than ever. 

Luke Bryan American Idol

“Second season of Idol – I’m more excited this year because I know what to expect,” Bryan shared. “I’m not going to be scared the whole time. The fact that me and Lionel and Katy and Ryan we have one season under our belt, we know how much we can have fun with one another. We know how serious the contestants take it. We’re excited. I know we’re more excited than last year, just because we know what to expect. It’s gonna be a lot of surprises and a lot of fun.”

American Idol-Judges

The chemistry between all three judges is so entertaining and so much fun to watch. Luckily they all get along well because audition days can last up to 13 hours per day! Do we need to say that a little louder for the people in the back? Being a judge is hard work. “The auditions are about 12, 13 hours and they are long but they are fun,” said the Georgia native. “It’s so exciting because you are giving people tickets to Hollywood and all that, so it flies by. We are locked in and focused on what we are doing.”

Cast of Idol

Live-recordings are a breeze and compressed into 2 hour segments, the 42-year-old compares those days to “vacation”. Although an official Idol premiere date has yet to be announced, Bryan’s cohosts (Perry and Richie) are equally as excited for this upcoming season.

Online auditions are still open and can be found by clicking this link. We can’t wait to see you hit the stage and make it all the way to Hollywood!


Lauren Ashley Beck
Lauren Ashley Beck

Lauren Ashley Beck is a writer and host for Talent Recap. Our resident “Survivor,” Lauren landed in LA by way of Michigan. She is a communications graduate with a passion for storytelling, hosting, and people. When she’s not working, you can catch Lauren watching true crime shows and eating an entire bag of hot Cheetos.

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