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‘LEGO Masters’ Detonates a Few Explosives to Create the Most Epic Hero Shot


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LEGO Masters entered its second week of the season and it came with a bang! This week, the challenge took us to the movies. The brick artists had to create action movie hero shots with an epic slow motion explosion. With different miniature heroes and explosion effects randomly assigned, their builds would have to tell the hero’s epic story while looking cool as it’s blown to bits. AFOLs may want to look away, watching LEGO creations being blown up isn’t for the faint of heart. For the rest of us, who wouldn’t want to see LEGO explosions from the safety of our couch?

To help make the explosion more epic, builders were assigned an element that would help emphasize the BOOM! There were four effect options of slime, colored dust, glitter, or water to make the explosion more dramatic. These were assigned to specific minifigure heroes, which were randomly selected by the teams. The brick masters Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett hoped to see an epic explosion with total destruction, complete with great storytelling.

LEGO Masters Makes Hollywood Brickbusters

If we’re talking about blowing up LEGO builds, there are millions of ideas of what would look epic. To help the builders narrow it down, they drew their minifigure heroes at random to serve as inspiration for their story. Some heroes tied easier to an explosive idea than others. Minifigs like Lady Bug and Violin Guy took a little more imagination to create an explosive narrative than ones like Intergalactic Girl. 

Adding the element of blast effects is another layer of limitation. Some teams had luck on their side and the hero and element they drew made sense. The team of Zack and Wayne were one of them, drawing Alien as their hero which assigned them the slime effect. Meanwhile married couple Maria and Philip had to figure out how to get an action-packed explosion out of a Cabaret Singer using water. 

Lauren and Bryan kept it clean and simple which resulted in the nights top 'Hero Shot'
FOX Lauren and Bryan kept it clean and simple which resulted in the nights top ‘Hero Shot’ | Credit: FOX

The teams all had their work cut out for them. Even if the hero and effect were easy pairings, they only had 10-hours to build their LEGO creations with the focus on being total destruction. It’s a challenge figuring out how to make a large, detailed LEGO structure strong enough to hold its shape but weak enough that it will be completely blown away by the blast. With time management being everyone’s focus after last week, the pressure was on to not waste any time. 

The Brick Masters: Who Was Eliminated?

This week everyone at home was a winner because we got 12 awesome slo-mo LEGO explosions. While all the explosions were epic, the brick masters were able to name the top two teams pretty easily. 

The team of Dave and Richard managed to turn Violin Guy into an action hero. The pair’s build told a strong story about fighting against urban sprawl. With a powerful symphony of sound, Violin Guy blows an industrial factory to bits in a colorful dust cloud restoring nature to the land. Brother and sister team Lauren and Bryan were also top finishers. Their imaginative story of the Lady Bug hero tricking a hungry frog with a booby-trapped lily pad was brilliant.

Unfortunately, we saw two teams miss the mark finding their way to the bottom two. Father and son team, Tim and Zach as well as biker siblings Jack and Dawn delivered great builds, but underwhelming explosions. Tim and Zach bit off more than they could chew with their Monster Scientist lab explosion. Jack and Dawn tried to have their Jewel Thief minifig destroy a jewelry store in a glittery blast. They struggled to keep the structure together and added some extra support, ultimately hurting their blast, and leading to their elimination.

Jack and Dawn made a structure that was too sturdy leaving us wanting more from their 'Hero Shot'
FOX Jack and Dawn made a structure that was too sturdy leaving us wanting more from their ‘Hero Shot’ | Credit: FOX

With only the first elimination out of the way, the competition is just getting started. The golden brick is still in the hands of Zack and Wayne who continue to impress, but could next week’s challenge force them to play it for immunity? 

Catch the next episode of ‘LEGO Masters’ next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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