Got Talent

Learn The Art Of Ventriloquism From ‘AGT’ Winner Darci Lynne

It’s not exactly a secret that I perform the Talent Recap puppet Talentino. I’ve been an amateur puppeteer as far back as I can remember. But when I operate a puppet my mouth movies because I’m not a ventriloquist which is a specialized skill. One of the best I’ve ever seen is America’s Got Talent season 12 winner Darci Lynne. In this video she gives us a tutorial on ventriloquism with Talentino’s crush Petunia. 

Think about the complexities of what she is doing. She’s operating the puppet to give it realistic movement and create the illusion of life. She’s also speaking and belting out songs without moving her mouth. Darci is also developing voices, characters, and trying to illicit emotions from the audience for what is essentially a stuffed animal. Not an easy feat, especially for someone who is so young. I have a feeling the Hensons are going to come looking for her in a few years.

At any rate, this video is a pretty fascinating look at the craft of a very talented artist. Maybe I’ll start practicing speaking with my mouth closed?