Kelly Clarkson Makes Fellow ‘Voice’ Coaches Quilts

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Kelly Clarkson and I are both from Texas and I can tell you that when a good ‘ol Texas gal gets to a certain age, (and it’s not that old), she learns the ancient art of making quilts. These quilts are then given out as presents to folks. If they are really good at the craft, they incorporate things into the design that are meaningful to the person who is receiving the gift. She certainly did that when she made quilts for Carson, Blake, Adam, and Alicia.

My favorite part of Blake’s quilt is a square where the wrote “Useless Land North of Texas” to remind him that Oklahoma is little more than Texas’ hat. For Carson she made an NYC inspired quilt with taxis, cups of coffee, and the Yankees. Not sure what she did for the other two but I’m sure it is awesome. I wish Kelly would make us a quilt. It would probably be purple, pink, and Talentino themed. That would be dope. Mel could use it for when I turn the AC too high.

It just goes to show you the connection the coaches on The Voice have with each other. Even though they are competing to beat each other, there is love there. Real love. Quiltin’ love.

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Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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