Katy Perry Bought Jacket From ‘American Idol’ Contestant For Her Dad — A Look Into His Style

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Katy Perry fell in love last night on the Season 19 American Idol premiere, and it might not be what you think. She was enamored by a sequined jacket worn by 16-year-old contestant Ryan Romano. Katy literally bought the jacket off of Ryan’s back during his audition. She knew it would be perfect for her father Keith Hudson, a man with a very unique fashion sense.

Katy Perry Bought Her Dad A Jacket From An ‘American Idol’ Contestant

Ryan whose inspiration is Elton John said that he had the jacket specifically tailored for him. The jacket features a gold and red checkerboard pattern. If you touch it, the sequins flip over to reveal a white and black checkerboard pattern. Though Ryan did not impress the judges with his voice, Katy could not take her eyes off of the jacket. We talk about all this and more in our weekly American Idol recap show down below.

“I like your costume a lot” Katy declared after Ryan’s performance. “If you’re ever looking to sell that coat, I have a father that I could see in it.” This led to a montage of interesting outfits Katy’s dad, Keith Hudson, has worn.


When it came time for the judges to vote about whether or not Ryan should go through to Hollywood, Katy offered him $350 for the jacket. Luke suggested that Katy should Venmo Ryan $400 for the jacket instead. And she did! Ryan may not be the next American Idol, but he left the audition $400 richer. Katy later posted a picture of her father wearing the jacket on Twitter. He accessorized with a red and black hat and red circular sunglasses.

Katy’s Dad Keith Has A Very Unique Fashion Sense

Keith is a pastor in California. After looking at pictures of him on red carpets and on social media, we can confidently say that his favorite accessory is a blazer. He has worn a bronze sparkly blazer, a purple metallic blazer and tons of other unique patterns. The 73-year-old does have his own clothing line and a very clear passion for fashion.

Katy maintains a pretty good relationship with her parents even though they may share different views. In 2020, Katy performed a duet of “Only Love” with Darius Rucker at the American Music Awards with a special meaning. “Tonight’s @amasperformance is for my father,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a throwback photo of the two.

After she and her fiancé Orlando Bloom welcomed their daughter Daisy Dove, Orlando and Keith went out for coffee. Keith opted to wear a black vest with a black matching pants and shirt combo and a huge silver pendant. He wore the same pendant in an Instagram post along with a geometric pattern shirt.

He also sported the silver pendant on a 2018 episode of American Idol. He wore a leather cap and a matching black blazer.


One thing that’s for sure is that Katy gets her eccentric sense of style from her dad. During the premiere episode of American Idol, the 36-year-old opted for a cow print outfit and hat combo.


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