The Jonas Brothers ‘Songland’ Preview: Why ONE Songwriter Will Have an Unfair Advantage

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This week, the Jonas Brothers come to Songland, searching for their next hit! Four songwriters will pitch their songs and work with producers until only one remains. That winner will have their song released by the Jonas Brothers after the episode! But one could already have an unfair advantage.

So what is it? And who are the songwriters competing to write for the Jonas Brothers? Let’s take a look!

Able Heart

Able Heart is a singer, producer, songwriter, and engineer from Philadelphia. Ahead of the episode tomorrow, Songland already gave us a sneak peek at his song! Able wrote “Greenlight.” The song is a fusion of R&B and electronic music. It’s definitely got a pop feel too! This sounds like something that could easily be on the radio, even as is. And especially for the Jonas Brothers, who have recently made their comeback with a #1 album! But I’m sure it’ll be even more epic after working with one of the mentors. Able wrote, mixed, and produced it all himself too. So impressive! His EP and other original music is available on SoundCloud.

Remmi (Rachel Smith)

Remmi is part of Nashville’s burgeoning electro-pop scene, per her All Music bio. She is a singer-songwriter originally from Orlando. Remmi moved to Nashville in hopes of making songwriting and publishing her career. She has released an EP and multiple singles since moving. It’s all pretty electronic, but that could work for the band! All her original music is available on Spotify.

Rynn (Kathryn Kempthorn)

Rynn is a pop singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. She has always loved music but grew in her passion when she studied songwriting at Belmont University in Tennessee. While she wasn’t interested in the country focus there, she did latch on to the storytelling component of writing. She loves how country music has such strong story lines! So if there’s anything we can expect from her, it’s a good lyric. Rynn has released a handful songs, all available on her YouTube.

Ori Dulitzki

Ori doesn’t have much of a presence online from what we can find. But he is the one on the right in the video above! He seems to be a very talented guy. Ori also won the 2019 BMI Abe Olman Scholarship for songwriters. After discovering his love for pop and R&B growing up in Philadelphia, Ori dove into music and moved to New York City. He hoped to work with writers and producers in the Big Apple. And within two months of his move, he landed a spot on Songland. So Ori just might be a young prodigy in the making!

Who Has the Unfair Advantage?

So before we get into why one songwriter will have an advantage, we have to straight up admit that we don’t know who it will be exactly. But there is one thing that will work in someone’s favor. And it could be the winning factor!

Whichever songwriter is paired with Ryan Tedder will have a HUGE advantage! Ryan knows the Jonas Brothers well and actually wrote six of the 16 songs on their latest album. This includes their first two hit singles, “Sucker” and “Cool.” He, definitely more so than Shane McAnally and Ester Dean, will know exactly what the band is looking for. Even in the preview we saw with Able, Ryan mentioned that “Greenlight” would fit well with their album. (Keep in mind, the Jonas Brothers album was not released to the public when this episode was taped.)

All that being said, we can’t guarantee that whoever works with Ryan Tedder will win. But it won’t hurt either! Watch all the action take place when Jonas Brothers come to Songland, Tuesday night at 10/9c on NBC.


Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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